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The Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup allows babies to drink from any side of the cup. It is 100% leakproof and spillproof as the valve closes automatically when the baby is not drinking from it. It is perfect for those that don’t want baby to use a cup with a spout but aren’t confident enough to give baby an open cup just yet. Drinking out of a spout free cup encourages good oral movement teaching the baby to sip using the jaw, tongue and mouth muscles which in turn helps to develop chewing skills. The handles are a great size for babies to grab and Lucas loves using it, he actually squeals with delight when he sees me getting it out of the cupboard. Since using this cup, he has started drinking a lot more during meal times without me having to prompt him. The cups come in pink and blue and cost £5 x

lucas looking at the blue munchkin cup Lucas biting on the blue munchkin cup

The Twisty Teether Ball is great for keeping Lucas amused and away from trying to chew my hand or shoulder! He finds it easy to hold and liked it as soon as I gave it to him. The teether has 10 different textured surfaces for him to gnaw on to ease his gums. When he isn’t chewing on it, he is happy feeling the different surfaces and the toy also rattles when he shakes it, teaching him cause and effect. The toy also twists in the middle, Lucas can’t manage this himself yet but it just means that once he can, it will be new amusement for him, prolonging his interest in it. As with the cups, the teether comes in blue and pink and costs £3.60 x

Lucas sat in his chair holding a munchkin twisty ball Lucas sat in his chair chewing a munchkin twisty ball

The By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack is a fab size for taking out when you don’t want to be hauling a big changing bag with you, I have been using it when I have nipped out with a couple of nappies, his miracle 360 cup, a toy and my purse. These easily fit in and was a lot easier when out. I haven’t used it on Lucas yet as he has only just started sitting up, yet alone moving about but I will definitely be using it when he is walking. The bag comes with a harness for Lucas to wear whilst wearing the backpack. This gives me reassurance that he won’t be running off but also gives him the independence of walking alone. The harness can be unhooked when it isn’t needed anymore, allowing the bag to be used as a normal backpack. The main compartment is zipped and it also has a mesh front pocket and two side pockets. The backpack comes in green/grey (neutral) or pink and costs £17 x

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  1. OO the backpack looks like a great idea, I might look into it for my little monster! 🙂 Thanks for Sharing #justanotherlinky

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