Lucas was recently sent* a couple of items from the Little Tikes STEM Jr range. They currently have three items in the range, the Wonder Lab, Tornado Tower and Builder Bot.


Little Tikes STEM Jr review A collage of two pictures showing different heads on robot and one with wheels, one legs


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. STEM learning takes an integrated approach to show children how elements of each subject apply to others and to real life scenarios. Pre schoolers are perfect for getting involved in STEM learning as they are so inquisitive, love to discover new things and explore and take in so much information while having fun.


Little Tikes STEM Jr review Lucas kneeling on floor, building the robot


We were sent the Tornado Tower and Builder Bot. Both toys come with experiment cards to give suggestions of what you can start exploring with and both require batteries that aren’t included.


Little Tikes STEM Jr review Lucas sat at table with the tornado pressing the pump


The Builder Bot helps to introduce children to engineering in a fun and new way. There are various different parts that you can reconfigure the robot with. It comes with legs to walk and wheels to roll. It also has two different heads. The arms twist around and it also lights up. The idea behind this is really good, however the parts fall off really easily so it hasn’t been used much and I wouldn’t recommend it.


Little Tikes STEM Jr review Lucas putting salt into the tornado canister


The Tornado Tower looks like a blender, can create a tornado and also a lava lamp effect so this very easy to use toy has been coming into Lucas’ experiments and also his imaginary play in the kitchen.


Little Tikes STEM Jr review


It comes with a measuring cup and cog accessories. You can create a tornado by filling the canister with water and using the joystick to create a tornado. You can also create a lava lamp by using the hand pump to push air bubbles to create a lava lamp effect.

Lucas loves this and I think he will get a lot of use out of this. He has been loving experimenting by putting olive oil, pasta, salt, cordial and anything he can think of to see how effects the tornado and bubbles. This one, I would recommend



Little Tikes STEM Jr review


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  1. These all sound GREAT! I love, love, LOVE that toys like this are being aimed for the tiny ones too! So hats off to you Little Tikes!

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