Our Green Story started out with a brother and sister wanting to make a difference. They wanted us as consumers to be more conscious of what we were buying and how it impacts on the environment. They also wanted to make sure that they worked responsibly, that their workers not only had a fair wage but they had benefits too. The GreenSleeve is made in a fairtrade atelier in Cambodia. The company was the first in the country to receive the Child Labour Free certificate. Their employees get health insurance, day care and in service training. A fair wage also means that the children can be where they should be, at school, playing and getting an education.



Whiteboard notebooks with erasable to-do lists

Greenstory sell notebooks and planners in various sizes and add ons that are meant to last years. Made of erasable whiteboard pages, they come with a whiteboard pen, cleaning spray and wipe to use over and over again.


Greenstory iPad GreenSleeve review and giveaway


Greenstory stone paper notebook

They also have a stone notebook where the pages are made of incredibly soft stone meaning they are easy to write on but also waterproof. When someone purchases one of these, Greenstory plants a tree in Ghana too.


Greenstory iPad GreenSleeve review and giveaway


Eco-friendly laptop and iPad sleeves

GreenSleeves are available in Bali blue and charcoal grey to buy for the iPad, iPad mini and 13 inch for laptops.

I was sent* a Bali blue iPad GreenSleeve and I adore it. The first impression of it was how stunning the colour is. The sleeve is made of black padding to protect the iPad and covering this is several layers of upcycled fishing nets in different colours so rather than seeing a plain blue, the result is shades of green, yellow, blue and turquoise depending on the light. As well as the sleeve looking good, it is also practical, it opens 180 degree making it easy to access your iPad and it is water resistant. The nets where made to be used in construction and fishing, meaning they can withstand harsh conditions so perfect to protect your iPad, tablet or laptop.


Greenstory iPad GreenSleeve review and giveaway


A beautiful fair trade iPad sleeve

I am really impressed with the GreenSleeve and would definitely recommend them. I wont hesitate to buy one for my laptop when my current cover needs replacing. If you would like to win a Bali blue iPad GreenSleeve for yourself or for a gift (it will soon be Mother’s Day!), enter below x





Greenstory iPad GreenSleeve review and giveaway #mygreenstory


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  1. A pretty colour and practical, too. Little fingers and little paws in our house mean that everything has to be practical. Thank you.

  2. I hadn’t heard of Greenstory before now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Definitely one to add to my favourites.

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