I’m conscious of the amount of screen time Lucas has, whether this is relaxing watching Peppa Pig or playing on a game. I love reading and I really want to instill this into Lucas and have read to him since he was a baby. We’ve recently been sent the Goes to Sleep book.


Me and Lucas in bed reading the book


The “Goes to Sleep” book gives you the chance to put your child in the very middle of a wonderful bedtime story. Personalise the book for a boy or girl, any colour hair and skin tone, and then select your child’s favourite animals who will accompany them on their special bedtime adventure. It’s such a magical story to share.


Lucas goes to sleep book


“Goes to Sleep” is based on leading research by Children’s Sleep Specialists from the Children’s Sleep Charity, Harvard Medical School and the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney Australia.


Photo of Lucas inside the Goes to sleep book


“In an age of technology that fills the day and night, we are running out of time to sleep. Quality sleep is essential for health and development; it is the modern grail and has become elusive. The ‘Goes to Sleep’ book assists children, and reminds parents, of the value and place for sleep. It offers a path for the quest to reach it.” Dr Julian Wojtulewicz MBBS MA(Phil) FRACP, Neonatologist and Consultant Paediatric Sleep Physician.


Goes to sleep book inside pages


The book follows your child on a magical journey where they travel on their dream cloud. Making bedtime something fun and not the end of a good day. Lucas enjoys me reading this and the illustrations throughout are beautiful. I can’t say it’s making Lucas sleep any longer but it is lovely to read together and calm down before going to sleep for the night.

If you would like to win a copy of the book for your little one, enter below x

Goes to Sleep book



The Goes to Sleep book puts Your child in the bedtime story. Working alongside the 'Children's Sleep Charity' and leading experts in Paediatrics.





57 Comments on Lucas tests out the Goes to Sleep book

  1. Lovely prize. Great as a gift, as we do wish a good restful sleep for everyone. Encouraging restful sleep, and looking forward to the next day :- Awakening refreshed, and re – energised for the adventures to come.

  2. I would love this for my niece Evie for when she is a little older. It’s a great idea for a book too.

  3. I would absolutely love this for my son Jacob he is 1 next week this would be so special. Thank you for the opportunity

  4. My 2 year old granddaughter Edith loves a bedtime book so this would be idel to fit into her sleep routine.

  5. I think personalised books for children are such a lovely thing. Bed time story’s are my sons favourite thing so I think he’d love this.

  6. My son already has one personalised book which he absolutely adores, fingers crossed we can add this one to his collection!

  7. This would be brilliant for my son as I struggle to get him to sleep. He does enjoy books though and this personalised one would be great x

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