My Grandma mentioned Bickiepegs to me a couple of months ago when Lucas started gnawing on his hand and my shoulder when I picked him up. She used them with all 4 of her children and highly recommended them so I was delighted when Bickiepegs offered me some for Lucas to try.

Bickiepegs was founded in 1925 and are still hand made in Scotland to this day and as you are probably aware now, anything handmade in the UK gets a thumbs up from me.

They are designed for teething rather than eating but are 100% natural, containing no added salt or sugar. The ingredients are simply water, wheatflour and wheatgerm which makes them suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as being GM and dairy free.

Bickiepegs are specially designed and shaped to assist with the teething process and provide the correct exercise vital to the development of a baby’s jaw muscles, teeth and chewing skills. The shape is designed to allow baby to bite at both the front and back of the mouth, whilst developing chewing skills. They are specially baked for hardness in order to provide a strong surface which allows new teeth to ‘cut’ through the gums. By satisfying the emerging teeth it helps to ease the pain associated with the teething process.

The Bickiepegs come with a safety ribbon that can be tied through the biscuit and onto the baby’s clothing, although Lucas found it easier when the ribbon wasn’t on and I supervised him. They are a great size for him to hold and he enjoyed being able to gnaw on it without it going soft and breaking. They are only meant to be used for 20 minutes but even after this time, they didn’t show any sign of crumbling.

Each pack contains 9 Bickiepegs and 2 ribbons x


Lucas sat in his chair looking at the bickiepegs

image image


I was given the Bickiepegs to test and review, the opinions are my own.

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