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My Mum has been a fan of Dove for as long as I can remember, she swears by the original Dove Beauty Bar so when I was offered some products from their new baby range to review, it was something I definitely wanted to try.


Baby Dove review


Building on their 60 year heritage of moisture, mildness and gentle care, Baby Dove goes beyond mildness to replenish essential moisture and nutrients in little one’s skin.

Infants skin is thinner than adults skin which means it is more likely to lose moisture and be prone to dryness. Lucas tends to get dry patches behind his knees. To combat this, a mild and gentle cleanser should be used to keep it healthy and protected.



The Baby Dove range has been dermatologist tested, paediatrician approved and is available in 2 ranges, a Rich Moisture range and Sensitive Moisture (fragrance free) range. For further information have a look at the Dove website here.

I was sent the Moisture Rich wipes and Moisture Rich lotion as well as the Sensitive Moisture head to toe wash.

The Moisture Rich wipes and lotion have a lovely light fragrance, I’m not a fan of overpowering scents. The moisturiser spreads well meaning it will last us for a while and very little product is needed per use. The wipes are nice and strong which is what is needed for those dirty bums and food covered faces.
The Sensitive Moisture head to toe wash has a pump action top which I love as too much can’t spill out as Lucas likes to get some out for himself. It lathers up nicely and leaves his skin clean and fresh. It has also been clinically proven to minimise allergy risks and is pH neutral with tear-free cleansers x



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  1. I have to admit i didn’t know that Dove did a baby range (how out of the loop am I) I often ending up having some sort of baby product in the shower although it is only Ash and I because I do feel it is so much softer on the skin.

  2. I had no idea Dove did a baby range either! My husband loves Dove. Baby skin, if I remember correctly, contains a high percentage of water, so any dryness might be caused by a nutritional deficiency. Try adding foods with essential fatty acids in them to moisturise from the inside.

  3. I’ve seen this range and wasn’t too sure if it would be kind on my baby’s skin but having read your review I am tempted to give it a go now. Plus I love the smell of dove moisturisers.

  4. Is it free of parabens? My Mum loves Dove too because her skin is quite dry. I’m neither here nor there. My only concern with Dove is I want to know more of the ingredients.

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