Tips for taking photos of children


I really want to improve on my photography so I have been playing around to see how I can do this. I don’t have a posh camera or phone so I really struggle to get a good shot. I’m using a digital camera that was under £150 and an iPhone 4, however I am determined to improve the quality of my photos.

I asked Sarah who is a local photographer for some tips and she made me a vlog, very impressed! That is below but here is what I have found useful

  • Patience, I don’t rush Lucas into getting a picture, if I do that he gets frustrated then I get frustrated and we end up with nothing
  • If I am on my digital camera, I always keep it on sports mode when photographing Lucas, it cuts out the bluriness I can get using the other settings
  • Use natural light, work out which room is best and what times
  • If I am on my phone, I keep pressing the button to take the photo rather than taking one and looking at it. If Lucas is doing something I will take up to 20 photos before looking, the majority will be deleted due to being out of focus or his arm being blurred with him moving fast. Out of that 20 or so photos I will usually have a couple I am happy with
  • Crouch down to their level, if they are playing on the floor, lie down next to them. See the world and get the shot from their perspective rather than over them
  • Take photos in landscape, you get so much more in a landscape shot, the environment aswel as the child
  • Use the two thirds rule, I always thought I should have Lucas or whatever I was photographing in the centre of the picture but by imagining the photo in thirds and putting the subject on one of those lines it really adds to the interest of the photo. Most will have heard of this but for those like me, there is plenty on google about it



Tips for taking photos of children


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  1. These are great tips. I have a DSLR and while I’m not bad at taking pics of my son (because he’s used to it, the poor mite) other people’s children is a whole other kettle of fish!! #rv&ht

  2. I imagine getting kids to stay still for long enough to take a picture is a challenge in itself! 🙂 #RV&HT

  3. Loved this post! Fabulous tips and thank you for sharing Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

  4. Aaah these are brilliant. I discovered tmhe two thirds rule recently and it’s made such a difference. Big fan of natural light too, shames it’s not always possible though eh? Thank you for joining us at #familyfun

  5. I love this, so many good tips! I’d never heard the two thirds rule, life changing (or at the very least, photo changing!) I too have just my phone and a not hugely expensive camera so this was really helpful x


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