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I’m not sure of my top ten favourite songs as I forget what they are called so this is a mix of songs and albums.

Mi Tierra, Gloria Estefan’s first Spanish from the early 90s. I would have about 6 when this was released and my parents played it a lot in the car.


Something To Remember, Madonna. Early 90s. Another that my parents played in the car a lot.

The Bing Crosby Christmas Album, we played this every Christmas. I couldn’t wait until December then I could put it on ready for Christmas.

Real Love, Lisa Stansfield. Another early 90s that was played in the car.


Cheesy song but DJ Sammy, Heaven reminds me of sitting in the college canteen playing cards and eating cookies.

Christina Aguilera, Stripped. This is one of the cds that I loved singing out loud to whilst driving.


Nelly and Kelly, Dilemma. Another that reminds me of college.

Shania Twain, Greatest hits. A mixture of slow and upbeat songs. Stunning voice


Omi, Cheerleader because it was in the charts for so long whilst I was on maternity leave and became the song that Lucas and I danced to.


Notorious BIG, warning. D introduced me to this and we now have sing offs (contains swearing)


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