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I say I would love to live abroad and have sunshine all year round but the thing is I don’t know if I really would. I don’t know what my favourite time of the year is as I love our seasons.

I love Spring and Summer as they are warm and it’s so easy to go out and walk without a plan and just take the day as it comes and explore. I also love Autumn when the leaves are full of reds and gold. When the nights are drawing in earlier and it’s the run up to winter and wrapping ourselves up, ready for a couple of months of curling up on the sofa with comfort food and films.

These thoughts could be because we’ve had a good year though, I don’t think we’ve done too bad for sunshine this year and I’m sure it’s still warmer and dryer than it usually is at this time of the year so maybe if it was cold, miserable and raining I would be saying Spring is my favourite, coming out of a bleak winter to flowers and a little sun x





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