Booking a holiday on your credit card this year? Did you know that booking a £3,000 holiday using a credit card with a 21.9% APR could cost you more than £600 in interest over two years? Shopping around for credit options before booking your holiday is a savvy way to manage your money. And it could save you hundreds of pounds in additional interest charges. Find out how you can manage money worries and go on to enjoy a fabulous (and well deserved) break abroad.

Searching for the perfect break

I love travelling on a budget. I don’t think going on holiday needs to break the bank. After a few cold months of a dreary British winter and currently going through another storm, if you are ready to book for a bit of sun, sea, and sand but don’t know how to manage the payments, keep reading.

Hitting a financial wall

If you currently have a credit card with an interest rate of 21.9% and spread the cost over 2 years (24 months),  this would mean that a £3,000 holiday would end up costing you a total of £3,652 when paying £155 per month.

That’s an additional £652 in interest charges.

Shopping around

Exploring various websites and cashback sites is essential. gives lots of information on new credit card deals. There are often credit card deals that offer 0% interest on purchases for up to 25 months.

Signing up for a 0% interest card could mean that monthly repayments would be £30 lower over the same 24-month period – costing just £125 per month and with no additional charges.

Reaping the rewards

You can enjoy your holiday, knowing that your holiday payments were completely manageable and didn’t spend another small fortune on interest fees. Always shop around for the best deal in future.

If you are looking to use a credit card to pay for a holiday, financial comparison sites are a good way to find credit card deals before you book.

Always read the terms and conditions first so you do not violate them and risk losing the 0% interest offer. For example, if you do not meet all the repayments on time, not only will you be charged a late fee, but you’ll also damage your credit score which could make it much harder to get credit in the future.



Save £100’s on your summer holiday

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  1. Some good tips here. I always take the view that if don’t have the money in the bank to pay for it, then a holiday won’t be booked. Good to save some cash along the way though as it all helps with the spending money.

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