Having recently moved to France we have been staying in temporary accommodation while our new house purchase completes. Our accommodation only has a wood burner downstairs which doesn’t adequately heat the rest of the house. Like most buildings in France, ours is built from stone and is colder inside than outside, even on the hottest of days. The lovely people at VonHaus sent us three Oil -Filled Radiators to keep us warm through the cold Spring months. We are big fans of VonHaus products; they offer great value on stylish and affordable furniture and homeware, high-quality DIY tools, powerful vacuums, and luxury outdoor furniture and garden tools.


A close up of the dials on the oil filled radiator


How do oil filled radiators work?

For those who are not familiar with oil-filled radiators and how they work; Oil filled radiators may look like the standard radiators you will usually find in older buildings, but these are smaller and quite different in how they operate. Oil-filled radiators may come in single panel designs or in a fin style, in which the fins are joined together with an open space between them. They are fitted with a control panel where you can control the performance and output. The radiators we received has three power settings 1000, 1500 or 2500W and an adjustable thermostat control

Electricity enters a resistor in the radiator which is converted into heat. The oil in the radiator gets warmed up and begins to circulate in the fins of the radiator, during which the heat is transferred to the fins with a larger surface area. This allows the heat to radiate into its surroundings. Due to the absence of fans, the oil-filled radiators operate very quietly.


white VonHaus 2500w 11 fin radiator


VonHaus 2500w 11 fin radiator

The VonHaus 2500w 11 fin radiator is suitable for up to 28 square metres and has 24-hour timer allowing you to program the heater to switch on and off automatically. On the safety side, there is a thermal cut off, safety tip-over switch and automatic overheat protection.

The radiators came very well packaged and easy to assemble, simply attach the to metal attachments at the bottom to house the wheels. The wheels make it so easy to move around the room, and there is also a side handle for easy transportation. You get 1.5 metres of power cable and a built-in cable tidy if the full amount is not needed. We were delighted with these radiators in all aspects, especially the extra warm they produced. Throughout the rooms, we used them in. Within an hour, we were turning them off as they had toasted the room nicely.


VonHaus 2500w 11 fin radiator review


12 Comments on VonHaus 2500w 11 fin radiator review

  1. My mum has an older version of this radiator – she doesn’t have central heating upstairs in her house. It works really well and keeps an even heat across her bedroom with the thermostat.

  2. Oh this looks like it is really handy, and especially useful in a pinch too – we have no boiler/heating at the moment and are waiting to have a new one installed.

  3. My mum has an oil-filled radiator and it can be really handy in the colder months when you have the heating on, but you just need that extra bit of warmth in a room. Hope your move goes well.

  4. My aunt lives in a really old house and I do worry it’s a bit too cold for her. One of these radiators would certainly put my mind at ease and help keep her cosy!

  5. This sounds like a great way to make your heat movable so that you can heat per room so to speak x

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