Whether you are just getting into running or have been on a break and want to get back into it, it is imperative to take it easy during the initial period and gradually build up in order to avoid injury. Running has numerous physical and mental benefits, but only if you do it right. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Seek Medical Clearance

If you have been physically inactive for a year or more, it’s advisable to consult your general practitioner before embarking in a running program. Your GP will certainly support a new workout habit, but they may provide great advice and precautions.

In addition, if you have sustained an injury, are under medication or manage any medical condition, ask your doctor whether there are special guidelines that you need to follow. For instance, individuals with diabetes may need to carry a snack. If you take blood pressure medication, you may want to utilise methods other than a heart rate monitor.

Stay Safe

Take the right precautions suggested by your doctor to stay safe and negate injuries. Also, always do a warm-up before running. Jog or walk for at least 5 minutes before you boost the intensity. Adding warm-up workouts like running drills or dynamic stretches is also worth considering.

At the same time, you want to ensure you always follow the running safety advice like going against traffic when running on the road. Always take an ID with you for easy identification in case you run into an accident.

You may also want to hire a personal trainer to get the best workout for you, if you do, personal trainer price guide is between £30-£60 per hour.

Invest in The Right Shoes & Gear

Buy a pair of running shoes that are not only comfortable but meet your running style and needs. To get the best running shoes, visit the Orthotic Shop for the best fit.

While at it, you may also want to take a look at running gear like running tights, shorts or tops made from lightweight materials. These garments are not a must for this activity, but they help you stay comfortable and dry during your workout sessions.

Utilise the Run/Walk Technique

Consider embarking on your running program by mixing runs with periods of walking. For most running beginners, this is the simplest way to develop endurance with manageable intensity levels and less stress on your joints.

Simply begin with a minute of running and a minute of walking, and gradually increase the intervals from there. Ultimately, you will get more comfortable and have no issue with running all the way.

Here are some walking/running strategy tips

Running sessions tend to be challenging for many at the start. However, they should not be hard to the point that you never want to do it. During each session, keep a conversational and comfortable pace. Slow down if you cannot speak a full sentence, and if you are running alone, do this by speaking to yourself.


Breathe in through your mouth in addition to the nose in order to increase oxygen intake. To avoid cramps or side stitches, breath in deep by expanding your belly. After every run, cool down by walking or jogging gently. This helps avoid tight muscles. Also, ascertain consistency rather than focusing on distance or speed. Establish a running regime and make it a habit.


Tips For Getting Into Running


10 Comments on Tips For Getting Into Running

  1. Nice tips, I tried running as a habit but I always gave up because I was not being able to complete my running plan. I might have been doing it wrong.

  2. Running has always been a challenging task for me. Reading this made me feel motivated again – all I need is a little preparation and the right guide (like this one). Gonna plan my running routine again!

  3. I have literally just started getting into running again after a long time and realised it desperately need to get some running shoes as the right footwear really makes all the difference.

  4. Ahh I went on a running binge last month and need to get back into it. Getting the right gear is definitely important! My old running shoes just couldn’t take it anymore

  5. I always believe in investing in good gear for exercise, shoes are important too. I don’t want to hurt myself with a pair of lousy shoes and spend money on medical bill

  6. I used to run all the time until I gained weight and got a job that I spent so much time in a chair. I want to start slowly to lose it and enjoy nature.

  7. I’d love to be able to run but I have scoliosis so sadly I can’t 🙁 These are great tips for people wanting to get into running though. My daughter keeps mentioning it so I’m forwarding your post onto her.

    Louise x

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