Going back to school after a while away is always a big deal – for children and their parents! And with children having spent more time at home due to the most recent restrictions, it’s been more daunting than usual.

Some tips presented here will help your children get used to their first days back at school after a long break. Tips that you can apply as the term progresses and covering some aspects you may have overlooked.

It’s a good idea to talk to them about what they expected. Things might be different because of safety precautions.

As well as coronavirus-related changes, you can talk about other changes, like their new teacher.  Are the kids happy with the changes? Any new topics they might be doing. Will they start learning a language? Or be starting a new sport?


Here are some tips on how you as a parent can continue to ease your child into school time after such a long hiatus.


Was it your child’s first day at Primary school?

New places and people can be very daunting for little ones. Try meeting the teachers and other adults working in their class if not done already. This will give your child the reassurance that they are going into a familiar and welcoming environment.

By the time they start school, children should be able to use the toilet independently. This includes removing necessary items of clothing, wiping themselves, flushing the toilet, dressing and washing their hands. Encourage your child to become independent with self-care. Show them how to wash their hands when dirty, how to use aprons to protect their clothing and how to clean up after themselves, too.

At school, children will dine with their peers, whether eating school meals or packed lunches. It is again important that they are able to eat independently so that they are not reliant on adults to help them.

One of the things your child will start to learn in their first year of school is how to read simple words and sentences. But it is important to expose them to books, language and stories from a young age. Being familiar with traditional stories, talking about books and developing the skills of listening and attention are important to a young child’s development.

What can you do as a parent to further help your child’s return to school stay smooth?

The coronavirus rules have taken their toll on education and parents where the children are concerned. Your child picks up on your emotions so be happy and excited about them going back. Remind them of all the fun things when they leave for school and come home later, like seeing their friends, lessons they like, and play time. And ask them about what they’ve missed most about school. These positive feelings will rub off on them and help them to promote enthusiasm about being back in school.

Many children don’t like change, or are afraid of things they don’t understand or don’t know about. You can calm any worries. For example in the morning before time to take your kids to school, chat about how they will get back as you travel, and what they’ll do after school. Try not to spring any surprises on them!

There was quite a lot to prepare before your kids returned to school. These include sorting out their uniform, and buying any new equipment they need.

One crucial aspect of their attire is the footwear. Have you covered all aspects of the child’s attire? If still planning to grab new footwear deals, there is one useful task to do at home. What you can do is measure your child’s feet. While shops are shut due to lockdowns, this helpful guide will show you how to measure your child’s feet at home and also browse a wide range of boys shoes and girls shoes including Start Rite, Skechers, Heavenly Feet and Chipmunks.

By getting involved in activities like sharpening their pencils, labelling their belongings and choosing new pens, they’ll feel more involved in the process and in control, and excited before heading off for class.

Snacks and packed lunches are another way your child can get involved in decisions. Ask them what they’d like (bearing in mind any rules their school might have about food) and get them to help you write up a weekly ‘snack planner’ and shopping list. You could even make some healthy snacks together.

Whether this past week has seen your child’s first day or return to school, despite the restrictions pressured on you, there are ways here to ease your child into the school environment as term progresses.

And a prepared child, ready for the next stage in education. Something that is so needed right now after such a long hiatus for education.


Top tips to consider for your child's return to school time. Ease your child into school time after such a long hiatus.


8 Comments on Top tips to consider for your child’s return to school time

  1. It was more difficult for my younger son to go back to school as he felt a bit worried but soon as he was back, he enjoyed it. These are great tips to help them settle back into school

  2. It’s such a difficult time for kids getting back into school but these are great ideas to keep that transition as smooth and easy as we possibly can. Great tips.

  3. These are great tips. I will definitely share this to people I know with children returning back to school!

  4. I can’t imagine how difficult the adjustment will be for children once this is all over. Any bit we can do to help, we should do! Great advice.

  5. These are all wonderful tips and am so glad that some of the kids are getting back to school. They really need that normalcy and the interaction is so very important and somethign that we have all been missing since this pandemic began. Thanks for sharing and bookmarking 🙂

  6. great tips! Once I get my vaccine my kids will start in-person school again (I have an underlying health issue)…
    I feel it’s really important to communicate the steps in a day so they feel prepared, as well as to feel/act like you’re excited, as you stated!

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