I think this year has all given us a lot more time than we expected to be spending at home. The regular routines have disappeared, salons closed and people have been practising more self-care at home from a home pedicure to home workouts to teeth whitening.

Dr. Martin Schwarz is a German brand of oral health and dental care products. They believe that real beauty starts from a healthy, white smile. Their range includes teeth whitening gels, antibacterial gels for teeth, toothpaste, dental care accessories, and others. Their products have been carefully tested and fulfil the current EU requirements according to German quality standards.


Black box with teeth whitening gel in, green box with bio scaling gel and a multicoloured box with the mouth tray

Antibacterial dental gel

Bioscaling antibacterial dental gel is a product intended for independent and non-invasive removal of dental plaque from teeth. The method is completely safe for both teeth and enamel. Due to strong antiseptic properties, Bioscaling removes bacteria, viruses and fungus from the mouth, thus preventing infections.

Unique antiseptic properties of Bioscaling formula, cause the slowdown of negative biochemical processes occurring in the oral cavity.

The product effectively reduces the number of bacteria accumulated on the surface of the teeth and prevents the creation of biofilm, which unremoved leads to the formation of dental calculus.

Although Bioscaling was created to tackle dental plaque, its strong disinfecting properties provide excellent results in removing unwanted microorganisms (such as viruses, bacteria, and fungus) from the user’s mouth and therefore preventing infections.


The black box next to a syringe of clear teeth whitening gel on top of the mouth tray

Teeth whitening at home

Expert 38% is a product with intense whitening properties that provides results comparable to those obtained during whitening procedures in specialist dental clinics.

The formula is suitable for accomplishing the teeth whitening cycle at home with the use of mouth trays. The gel formula contains precisely selected concentration of carbamide peroxide and other crucial ingredients.

It allows safe, fast and effective teeth whitening treatment without the need for expensive lamps and additional equipment. The gel causes oxidation and the elimination of undesirable organic pigments (coffee, tea, wine, tetracyclines, etc.).

Teeth whitening effects are immediately visible after the first 30-minute whitening session in a safe way for teeth and enamel. Finishing the cycle of Expert 38% whitening sessions usually results in brightening teeth colour between 4 to 8 shades.


Dr. Martin Schwarz has very kindly offered one reader the chance to win Expert 38% teeth whitening gel, Bioscaling gel and a thermoforming mouth tray to try in the comfort of their own home, worth over £80!


Win teeth whitening gel


98 Comments on Professional teeth whitening at home – giveaway

  1. This would be brilliant, I have tried whitening toothpastes but they don’t really work so would love this for the perfect smile

  2. Recently stopped smoking and my teeth are so YELLOW would love to try this, I pretty much tried everything else with no luck.

  3. Great prize, desperately needed due to my coffee addiction! Whilst it keeps me awake it doesnt do my teeth any good!

  4. This sounds just the thing, as all those years of coffee and cigarettes are gonna end up discolouring my teeth!

  5. Sounds great, and easy enough to do at home. Anything that helps with confidence is worth giving a go. I hate how yellow my teeth look.

  6. This looks great, I’d love to have whiter teeth. I’m job hunting too so it would help when I smile at my interviews!

  7. Thank you for hosting the blog and for the reviews – this is something I would buy for myself and others x

  8. This is fantastic, I would love to try this. Because of this pandemic, my teeth are in a terrible state so this would be great to help them at least look a little better haha.

  9. I would love to buy this for my husband. He has recently stopped smoking and i think this would motivate him to stay of them!

  10. A wonderful prize, as who doesn’t want white healthy teeth. As our teeth tend to yellow with age, a youthful appearance is welcome. It can be food and beverages that may be the culprit/s in staining our teeth. So being able to return them to a healthy white can boost self esteem, as appearance is important to us in everyday life.

  11. I strongly believe that a person’s appearance greatly enhances their confidence whether that be clothing, a new hairstyle or a great smile, I know at those times I feel as though I look dreary then I feel dreary too. Unfortunately my teeth have discoloured with age and I would really relish the thought of bringing back some whiteness to my smile.

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