With social distancing continuing and a long summer ahead of us on top of the lockdown day’s already done, I want somewhere for Lucas to play and be occupied without us worrying about what he’s touching and who he may come into contact with. With this in mind, we have ordered an incredible looking play area from Wickey.

Wickey’s dream is to inspire children and encourage them to go on their own adventures. Can there be a better place for this than your own home? They are fully committed to developing safe and creative outdoor play equipment and beds to give children’s imagination new, exciting impulses. They provide a 10-year warranty on their wooden products and a 2-year warranty on their plastic accessories. They deliver across Europe.

Outdoor play areas

Having an outdoor play area to explore is an incredible space for a child. Playing outside is important for children. It boosts physical health. All the running, jumping and getting out is one of the best ways to increase your child’s physical strength, and fine-tune his motor skills.

It also improves sensory skills. Several studies have found that children who spend more time outdoors have better vision and other sensory abilities than those who spend more time indoors. Unstructured outdoor play has been found to enhance your child’s cognitive abilities and behavioural skills too.

Exposure to outdoor light has been found to activate the pineal gland, which improves mood, increases happiness and improves overall immunity, which is essential for growing children.


Lucas playing on the Wickey multiplayer deluxe play area in our garden

Climbing frames

We went for the Wickey MultiFlyer deluxe climbing frame. The frame includes a slide with a water connection if Lucas feels like having a water slide during summer, 2 swings, a climbing wall, a telescope, a steering wheel for some racing games and an integrated sandpit! There is enough for hours of fun and plenty to keep him occupied in the garden over the holidays. Lucas is absolutely made up with his play area! His favourite part is the telescope and he’s looking forward to star gazing soon. He loves that it includes 2 swings for when he has a friend round and that it’s possible to connect a hose pipe up to the slide to enable a water slide for the warmer days.
the build took a couple of days and it’s definitely not for beginners, you do need to have some DIY/building knowledge, it isn’t the simplest to put up but then, that’s what makes it safe and sturdy for plenty of playing and fun.


A close up of Lucas walking on the play area towards the steering wheel

Swing sets

When choosing your garden play set for babies and children, the key factor is how much space you have outside in the garden. There are various climbing frames and climbing walls in different sizes to suit the space you need. There are also swing sets without the attached climbing frame.
When you shop online, you will find matching swing accessories, which guarantee safety, quality and fun. These include not only the versatile swing seats and gymnastics equipment but also a wide selection of swing clamps, ground anchors and safety mats. A children’s garden swing can easily be extended with a sandpit, playhouse or even a climbing frame in the future if you want to build on it gradually.

Lucas knelt down at the top of his play area, he’s looking through the telescope


There are small sandpits to larger truck designs full of sand. You can get ones with roofs and covers or leave open. Sand cakes, sandcastles, secret tunnels – the sandpit becomes an exciting fantasy workshop and your child is the creator! “Sand is a toy and the less a toy does, the more a child will learn. There are hours of fun and learning to be explored with sand as it promotes and encourages creativity and imaginative play, sensory and language skills,” says Dr Vikas Satwik, consultant paediatrician at Motherhood Hospitals.

wickey bed

Children’s beds

If you are looking for a super cool bed too, Wickey has also got that covered! With the imaginative children’s beds from Wickey, your children will no longer just see their bed as a place to sleep but will also have great adventures in their room.

You can easily build the play bed yourself with help from the detailed assembly instructions and the high-quality solid wood. Whether single bed, loft bed or bunk bed. Choose from different models and themes, such as racing driver, firefighter or princess beds. Add great accessories so that your children can create their own fantasy world. With Wickey play beds, you can design a room that you and your children will love!


Getting the perfect outdoor play area with Wickey


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  1. These are some wonderful looking play areas for kids! I love that there are so many different ones to choose from, with different activities attached.

  2. Wickey have such wonderful items! We are keen to make our garden as family friendly as possible for our two kids so will be looking at what they have to offer.

  3. These outdoor play sets are so pretty. If we only had the space, I wouldn’t think twice about getting one for my grandson!

  4. This is so good! Especially in times like these where it’s easy to get bored, it’s good that your child has something that will keep him occupied!

  5. Some lovely and practical selection here to fit homes as some might have a large garden while others might not. We don’t have a sandpit yet and considering getting one for my son’s birthday.

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