New Year's Resolutions - and How to Achieve Them! The photo shows a book of Swedish words with a book at the side


The new year is the perfect time to consider making major changes to your life. Some people may opt to live a healthier life – gym memberships and healthy eating regimes spike in January. Some people might want to learn something new. And for some people, moving house might be the change needed to give life a bit of a kick start. But how can we make sure we are achieving these new year’s resolutions?

Healthier Lifestyle

Exercising more and eating healthier are the most common New Year’s resolutions. Not only do they seem the most achievable, but they come straight off the back of overindulging over Christmas. While many people opt to join gyms, others sign up for marathons or sporting events, and others join classes that help you to be healthier.

The trick to ensuring you actually do this is to put some kind of incentive in place. Many choose a half-marathon and raise money for charity. By telling so many people you are doing it and by placing the responsibility of raising the money on your shoulders, you will be more likely to actually achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Moving House

Moving house is another common resolution and one that often gets neglected, despite being one of the most beneficial. The best way to make sure you achieve this resolution is to do your research. Begin actively searching for new properties and new areas. Even laying out the numbers for how much it will cost and how much you can afford for a new mortgage could show you that it is an achievable resolution. As the Trussle mortgage calculator shows for moving house, you can look into how much you might be looking to pay beforehand considering your salary, your partners salary, and even monthly outgoings. Having a tangible figure that you can afford will help you stay committed.

Learning Something New

A new calendar and diary help you assess your time, and many people choose January to be the time to find a new hobby or skill they can learn. Whether this is enhancing your language skills by taking language classes, taking up a physical past time or team sport, or simply following online tutorials for playing an instrument, learning coding, or teaching yourself tap dancing. It’s true that the human brain craves knowledge and after a dulling of the senses at the end of a hectic year, giving yourself something new to learn could be the perfect solution. By committing financially to achieving these goals, such as joining a class, you will be more likely to actually stick at them.


New Year’s resolutions are attempted every year and are often forgotten by mid-January. The break over Christmas gives us a new lease of life, which is quickly lost when we resume to business as usual. But, there are ways to break the routine and actually implement these changes to our lives. Whether it’s a big change or a small one, we can all achieve our resolutions.


New Year's Resolutions - and How to Achieve Them!

Written by Sophie Gorton.


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  1. My only way to stick to new year’s resolutions is to transform them into goals. I break a large resolution down to small monthly to-do and weekly to-do lists, and I work hard every day to achieve a minimum of 80% of what I have planned. I have good weeks, and bad weeks, but even by looking at my to-do list I always know where I failed, and therefore how I can fix it.

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