People often search for an attractive solution for their home that is also practical. Velux roof windows represent a commodity that allows you to enjoy comfort in your home. It is easy on the eyes, affordable, and very much practical.

Due to the aesthetic and practical appeal of this product, it is trendy. To fulfil the masses’ unspoken desires, the manufacturer has produced many different types of this product. The question remains, how to tell which product is most suitable for your home?

To make the answer more manageable, I have shared four tips below. Follow them to the latter, and you will find the most suitable Velux roof window for yourself.

Type of the Room

The windows are not the same for every room. A kitchen, bedroom, and lounge; all have different architecture. The first thing to keep in mind when buying a window is to see which window is suitable for what room.

Rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom are prone to a build-up of condensation. Activities like cooking and showering increase moisture in the air. That’s why a large roof window will prove the best choice for such rooms. Said windows would reduce the condensation and increase ventilation.

The comfort level is far more vital in the rooms where you spend more time; such as the living room and dining room. The bathroom is a location that you inhabit for the least amount of time. This may allow you to optimise practicality over the comfort level in there.

Keep this suggestion in mind when making up your mind. The type of room matters a lot when choosing the appropriate Velux roof window outlet.

Shape & Size of the Room

The purpose of installing a roof window is to increase the room’s light, ventilation, and beauty. You need light to shine in every corner and air to circulate in every crevice. The shape and size of the window are fundamental to achieve the required level of comfort.

Common sense tells us that a bigger window equals more light and ventilation. However, you can achieve a similar comfort level with smaller windows if you install them in optimal locations according to the room’s dimensions.

The Amount of Natural Light You Require

The United Kingdom falls in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, the south-facing rooms will always receive more sunlight throughout the year. Similarly, rooms facing east will receive direct sunlight in the morning and westward rooms in the evening. The rooms facing towards north will always have dim lighting.

Suppose you wish to know how big of a window to install. In that case, you must first determine its natural disposition towards the axis.

Outdoor Views

Outside views are not always picturesque. If you do not want to see them, make sure to install smaller windows and vice versa. If you are worried about someone disturbing your privacy, then there are ways to solve that problem too.

This advice can help you decide the optimal shape, size, and location of the roof window outlet that maximises your comfort while retaining your privacy.


Tips for Finding the Velux Roof Window You Need. It is easy on the eyes, affordable, and very much practical.


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