I have previously written about looking for a new bathroom for my Grandma, to enable her to continue living independently for as long as possible. One company we came across was Premier Bathrooms*.

Premier Bathrooms are the UK market leader in walk-in baths and easy-access showers. They fully guarantee both their products and workmanship with a comprehensive warranty that is backed by more than 27 years of service.

Premier bathrooms

I requested a brochure from them and a very friendly lady from their office phoned to ask if we would like a no obligation visit from a surveyor to discuss what my Grandma would like and see some samples. I booked an appointment and we were visited the week after, I had Lucas with me and thankfully the man was very accommodating with him riffling through his box of tile samples.

Easy access shower

He asked my Grandma what she was wanting and showed her various options. He explained the positive and negative points to each variation. He measured up the bathroom and drew a diagram to show everything in scale. We were worried about having to do something with the flooring but the shower tray is made to measure so fits perfectly into where her bath was, meaning the flooring won’t be effected. He explained when we would have to pay but didn’t pressurise us into booking anything there and then. They also supply everything and do the fitting so there is no need to look around several showrooms to find products and then start searching for a fitter.  This also means they are responsible for everything, rather than various people being able to pass the blame. He said that it would take a maximum of two days to complete so it wouldn’t disturb my Grandma for long.

Premier bathrooms

Their walk in showers have a low-level access entry with a height of 40mm ensures entry to the shower is easy and safe. The showers are thermomstaticly controlled to offer a safe, constant water temperature, as well as keeping cool to the touch if it was needed to stabilise someone. The shower is also kept cleaner for longer with PremClear and PremSheild, repelling limescale and reducing bacterial growth.

Premier bathrooms

What I love the most about them is how they look, they are modern. Just because my Grandma wants a seat and handrails, it doesn’t mean it has to look clinical. They fit in beautifully with the rest of her home x




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  1. I didn’t even really notice the handrail and seat in the images, the modern fixtures look good in their designs, I’ve seen some of those before that do look clinical and these certainly do not x

  2. They look really good, this is something I’ll pass on to my parents- my dad is in his 80’s now and my mum is just recovering from major heart surgery so anything that’ll make their lives easier is always beneficial.

  3. Beautiful design and very useful for those with limited mobility. My brother was in a wheelchair and he had a wet room, but the design of the bathroom above is a lot more attractive.

  4. The one in the last photo is beautiful, I wouldn’t mind something like that in my bathroom! Having worked in a care home, I know that adaptations like this can make a huge improvement to people’s quality of life. I hope you find something to suit your Grandma 🙂

  5. After a few operations on her foot my parents decided that a bath wasn’t practical for my mum so they got a beautiful double shower like the one at the top, it’s made such a difference x

  6. This bathroom looks stunning and it’s great to hear that it can be adapted to your grandmothers needs without making it look too ‘clinical’.

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