I’ve briefly mentioned the Nixplay Seed Smartframe in my Father’s Day gift ideas but I wanted to do a more in-depth post about it as I love it so much and the amazing people over at Nixplay have also offered to give one away to one lucky reader. You can also get 25% discount off the NixplaySeed 10.1 (Black), use the code JENNI25 between June 3 (12:00 AM BST) – June 30 (11:59 PM BST)




The Nixplay Seed is an absolute genius idea. It’s a digital photo frame where, through the Nixplay App, you are able to display your memories with your loved ones wherever you are. Share them from your phone or from your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos). Snapshots of 15-second videos of you sending your love message will definitely be a creative way to give as present.

It’s a great way of keeping your family up to date whilst you are on holiday or if you live further afield. I was worried it would be difficult to set up but it was so simple and the app is really easy to use too. You can change the settings of the frame on the app or on the smart frame.




I’ve set my frame up in my Mums dining room so they can see photos that we send to it. We are planning on going to France soon so being able to send photos and videos through to their frame will mean a lot to both my parents but Lucas will enjoy sending them too. The frame also has a motion sensor on it so it turns on when they enter the room and I’ve set it to turn off after 5 minutes of someone not being in the room.

I love that everything is from the app so no messing around with memory cards or unsightly wires, only one plug socket. The frame connects through WiFi and I’ve uploaded 67 photos and 3 videos so far and that’s only used 3% of the memory.

The quality is incredible too, the photos show in 16:10 High Resolution IPS Display which means nothing to me but it is really crisp, high resolution. You can also invite people to send photos to the frame so although I originally set it up and have the app, I have invited my Mum to send to the frame too so through her app, she can send to the same frame.




Nixplay are also trying to help the environment. They have started Seed For A Seed, a tree-planting initiative in partnership with Trees for the Future where they are planting a tree seed for each Nixplay Seed sold. Trees for the Future is a non-profit organisation that helps impoverished communities improve their lives by planting Forest Gardens, which provides families with sustainable food sources, livestock feed, and livelihood options. Trees for the Future provides farmers with tree seeds, technical training, and on-site planning assistance.

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Nixplay smart frame


Sharing memories, photos and videos in the Nixplay Seed smart frame


111 Comments on Sharing memories on the Nixplay Seed

  1. I love the idea of being able to display lots if pictures, I always find it hard to choose one for a frame

  2. This would be fantastic way of showing all my family and travel photos without having to choose just one photo!

  3. such a great idea and brilliant way to display lots of pics, plus no need to print them out

  4. A lovely way to display family photos and make use of all the ones we just leave on our phones

  5. Like everyone else, I take photos on my phone and they stay there. This would be wonderful to reply all those wonderful memories.

  6. I got fed up with dusting photo frames a while ago, but I do miss seeing my old family photos – this is the ideal solution!

  7. My dad could seriously do with one of these, might encourage him to come into the digital age, instead of adding to his cupboard full of photos, which he cannot find the ones hes looking for

  8. This is a great gift and I think my partner would like this – he takes lots of photos and it would be a perfect way to display them.

  9. This would look lovely in our lounge, no need to clutter walls with all the pictures you want when you can have just one frame with them all on

  10. I would love to win this for my best friend Jane. She will turn 59 next month and will have a lot of photos to showcase.

  11. This is better than what I do now. I just have them on my computer and look at them sometimes.

  12. Great for displaying photos of grandchildren, my son would have to help me with this (bit of a numpty)

  13. A brilliant prize, perfect for helping the grand-children to become familiar with the appearance of their overseas relatives when combined with contact on Social Media.

  14. i would love to win this as i always forget to print photos off and frame them so this is ideal

  15. Would love to win this for my father, I get married next year and want to put all the photos in a photo frame.

  16. I think this is great – now we are digital, it is very rare that we actually take the time to look at and enjoy our photos!

  17. This sounds great!! Would give it to my mother in law as she lives 6hours away and it would be great to have the grandchildren on it for her

  18. This would be perfect for the grandparents. They’re always saying they don’t have enough photos of us all!

  19. These have come a long way since I first owned one back in 2003ish. The resolution has improved dramatically.

  20. This looks really great. I would load it with so many different photos, that I could have a different one each day.

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