A couple of months ago I sold my car, I adored my car but my Grandma was selling her car and it is a 5 door rather than 3 door and has done a lot less miles so I thought it was the perfect time to get something more practical for getting Lucas in and out of.



Now, I am in no way a car expert but I want to keep this car in as good as condition as possible as I am not wanting to upgrade any time soon so I have been looking at ways to do so

  • An easy way to keep it looking good it to simply wash it regularly, get rid of bird poo and dead insects as soon as possible to keep paintwork in the best condition
  • Do regular checks on the tyre pressure and keep to the recommended pressure for the car
  • If your tyres are worn or damaged, replace them as soon as you can. You don’t even need to find time to go to a garage, you can buy car tyres online in Ossett Tyre House
  • Check your oil and water levels
  • In Winter, make sure you put some winter wash in your windscreen water to prevent it from freezing and not working to clear your windscreen when needed
  • Ensure your windscreen wipers are in good condition
  • Never put soap in your windscreen washer, it runs off the window and onto the paintwork which will damage it over time
  • Push in the wing mirrors when you park up, I have had mine broken off in the past whilst I have been in the supermarket
  • Keep a small bag in the car for you rubbish or have a specific day to make sure you clean it out. With all of Lucas’ toys, sweet packets and baby wipes, it soon gets cluttered
  • If you smoke, don’t smoke in the car. It makes the car smell, hot ash can leave burn marks and cold ash makes a mess
  • Make sure you keep up to date with the MOT and services.

Have I missed anything? Feel free to let me know in the comments x


keep your car in tip top condition Wash the car



8 Comments on Keeping your car in tip top condition

  1. I’m always the one who organises things to do with our car, from the MOT, insurance and car tax to the everyday cleaning etc.

  2. When I was younger, I always forgot to check the oil levels… That is, until one of my car’s died when the head gasket blew… Now I check weekly..

  3. Really great tips! I don’t have a car, but I find it horrendous when people smoke in their cars. It’s the same as smoking in your home! The smell will linger forever!

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