With Christmas around the corner the time has come for me to de-clutter and get organised. Since Lucas came along space is something we don’t seem to have a lot of! We have toys of every room and every draw in the house.  I decided we needed to get rid of some and gave away to charities and some to friends. Lucas, however has his firm favourites so I needed a solution to make his toys more compact and organised. The lovely people at Maqio sent* me two sets of storage boxes and I’m so glad they did. I recieved a set of zoo themed boxes, a star themed set and a cute dinosaur waste bin. I was really impressed with the look and quality of them, they go really well in his toy room at my parents house. All his trains and track have there designated boxes, as does duplo, soft toys, jigsaws, books and many more. They are plastic and easy to clean, they sit proudly and neatly in the corner of the room, you can order them in single boxes or multiples. Maqio also has a Christmas Eve box that is incredible value at only £5.33 for a 22L box that can be used eat after year.


Getting organised for Christmas the store boxes in the corner of the room stacked up


This brings me to another part of the house which seems to gather clutter! My partners side of the sofa seems to attract newspapers, comics and various other bits and pieces. I wanted something practical but sleek looking. PIB had just the thing, I have ordered* a stylish Tridy table. It will add a Scandinavian style feel to the living room which I love. The table looks like it comes in 3 seperate pieces but is actually one piece which has 3 different colours, green, brown and orange. The table legs compliment the top and are made out of solid rubber wood. I can’t wait to pop some candles on it when we are relaxing and then moving it to the centre of the room when we have guests and want somewhere to pop snacks. You can buy multiples of the table as they can fit into each other to make a bigger table if you need more table space and the great thing is you can separate when they aren’t all needed in one room.


Getting organised for Christmas the tridy side table with a cup on it


Maqio have been very kind and offered to give away one lucky reader a set of five boxes in a design of their choice from zoo or animals, enter below for your chance to win x

Maqio boxes


Getting organised for Christmas #storageboxes


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  1. Storage boxes are so useful for my crafty stuff, and also for the amount of stuff my cat seems to have. I swear he needs his own room!

  2. these would be so useful for my own mess of books, make room on my bookshelves – I could store them under my bed lol!!

  3. I am loving these storage boxes, They would come in super handy in my daughters bedroom, she has lots to store 🙂

  4. I was just out at Dunelm/Hobbycraft looking for some storage boxes. Ill be checking out Maqio asap. You can never have enough storage boxes.

  5. With having 3 boys these would come in very helpful when trying to get them organised I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed thanks for the chance

  6. I love the boxes, I doubt you would find a set that well priced anywhere else and that they are plastic with the design fused on means they should last really well.

  7. I love storage boxes, there are a must have in this house. This range is great because they’re also easy to wipe clean.

  8. Looks like a gorgeous range. It really does! So hard to find eye catching items to hide away those little bits and bobs

  9. What fantastic products! I love the designs and those boxes actually look like they would stand up to being used whilst being fun, unlike many with designs

  10. I hadn’t seen this brand before but have bookmarked it to come back to later as the designs and sizes are appealing.

  11. Fab Prize just decorated a bedroom so my little grandson can stay these would be great to store some of his toys

  12. these would be ideal for my grandsons tays because they just moved to a new house and have a bedroom each

  13. Fantastic giveaway! Additional storage would be so useful (especially when decluttering the house in the new year!).

  14. I really need to get organised after moving home last year, things just seem to be everywhere. These boxes would really help.

  15. I love that these are stacked and make the best use of space. These would be fantastic to hide toys in our living room!

  16. I opened the kids cupboard and my cupboard yesterday and today and toys and junk fell on me both times so I think it is time to have a clearout which is how I stumbled upon your site 🙂 Hoping it is a sign haha

  17. This storage boxes are just perfect for my grandsons room that I am just in the process of doing. He has just had his 3rd Birthday and us due to come stay at Nanni and Pop’s house in a couple of weeks! We’re so very excited 🙂

  18. These are absolutely amazing! Would be really useful for my 2 children who have to share a bedroom so space is really limited.

  19. Fabulous help for clearing up some room and not stepping on the toys, there’s only so much your feet can take! lol

  20. Storage boxes are great, aren’t they. You can have lots of stuff and have it all organised and tidied away, but accessible when you need it.

  21. oh now they really are beautiful storage boxes, i would love them for storing my grandchildren’s toys in and maybe my craft bits and pieces too

  22. Help! Our house is becoming overrun with the grandkids kit and caboose – we so need a practical, stylish and child-friendly storage solution…

  23. I’m having a sort out at the moment and I think storage boxes would be a great solution for me to keep the things I want to but tidily

  24. These look so cute & are very practical, I love them & could do with them to help sort out the kids bedrooms

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