If you are lucky enough to have enough space to have a playroom it is a fab place for children to play, read and develop their imagination, but it also means you have somewhere to store all their toys so you can stop tripping over them for what feels like the umpteenth time!

Among the things you will have to plan in the room is the floor as this is undoubtedly where your children will spend most of the time. It is for this reason that rugs are a great investment. But with children, the rug you might want might need some specific characteristics to be fit to be in a playroom. This post brings some of the thinks you might want to consider when looking for a rug in your playroom.


Choosing the perfect rug for your child’s playroom Two boys playing on a large rug that has the design of a road to play with cars on


Durability and pile

When buying a rug one of the main features you should look at is the longevity. This becomes even more important when knowing your children are the ones spending the most time on it. You need a rug that is able to stand a high level of traffic to manage all that running around. The type of the pile you choose will determine the life of your rug. As lovely as long pile and shaggy rugs are, they wont fare too well when your children start to play on them. The higher level of activity will cause the softer, fluffier texture to diminish fairly quickly. Therefore, you are best looking for a shorter pile rug that will not only be able to endure the heavy footfall, but will still give you plenty of choice when it comes to design. Shorter pile rugs also have the added benefit of harbouring less dust and allergens compared to their longer pile counterparts. This is ideal since, as we mentioned earlier, the rug will be where your children spend most of their time sat down playing.


Choosing the perfect rug for your child’s playroom A bedroom with a bed showing brown bedding, a colourful spotted rug on the floor, a child’s chalkboard standing up and toys around the room



Another key factor to a playroom rug is its ability to be cleaned. Obviously you need to create a safe and hygienic environment for the children, but you don’t want to be slaving over your rug. You need something that requires low maintenance such as the odd hoover every now and then. With that in mind, a great option would be a nylon or acrylic rug. Not only are these less expensive they are also the most easily cleaned. Their slightly more conventional material means you won’t need to splash the cash on special cleaning products as you would with a more expensive rug.


Choosing the perfect rug for your child’s playroom A neutral coloured carpet with a syrupy toy bag on its side spilling toys onto the floor and a wooden train track


Patterns and colours

Children’s rugs come in an array of colours and patterns that make choosing the perfect one easy. It’s a good idea to get your children involved and let them pick something they like, since they will probably spend the most time in the playroom. Children’s rugs come in bright, lively colours that promote that play environment and give them a room that they can look forward to getting creative in!

So there you have it, a couple of qualities you should look for on the rug where your children will spend some of the happiest moments of their childhood.


Choosing the perfect rug for your child’s #playroom



9 Comments on Choosing the perfect rug for your child’s playroom

  1. We got a wonderful rug for our son’s room, from a well known french company. So soft, lovely print and I thought it was ideal. That was until he vomited on it with great effect, and I found it really difficult to clean. I think it took more than a week to dry. My point of this is that it is so important to consider how it cleans. In hindsight, this was probably not the best choice for us.

  2. I love the rug you can get with designs. I think it makes a creative playground for kids, not to mention can hide stains a lot easier for when the kids make a mess with their toys!

  3. I could not imagine my kid’s room not having a rug. I didnt have one growing up because my mom said we would spill things all over it. I thing it gives it great warmth.

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