Lucas has a cold, my poor baby boy is a sniffly ball of snot yet he still manages to have a laugh in between a little cough and congested breathing. The past couple of nights he has really struggled to settle and is waking up more wanting a cuddle back to sleep.

These are helping us get through it;

lucas in a blue dressing gown sat in his rocking chair

A fluffy dressing gown…who doesn’t feel a little bit better when wrapped up warm and snuggly?

Lucas lying down looking up at the camera holding his chick teddy and wearing a sleeping bag

Slumbersac to keep Lucas fully covered and warm throughout the night even when he wriggles around. This is a 3.5 tog which I bought in the sale for £12, it is size 6-18 months so we can get plenty of use out of it. I also bought the 2-2.5 tog one in the sale in size 12-36 months for £14, absolute bargains for such great quality.

Lucas asleep in his rocking chair with a blue blanket over him

A nice soft blanket, my Auntie A made this for Lucas. Lucas loves it and it has stayed soft after being washed several times. The jumper Lucas is wearing was knitted by my Grandma J, I love handmade items.

lucas looking up at the camera wearing a white dribblestop top

A Dribble Stop Top, the lovely ladies over at 2mums kindly gave Lucas a pack of two to try and they are great. The material feels so soft against his skin and it has a clever pocket made from specialised waterproof material to keep his chest dry. They retail at £13.99 for a pack of two. My review is here.

black coconut yankee candle with black and gold shade

My favourite candle, the black coconut yankee candle smells divine and never fails to chill me out. I light it when we are relaxing in bed, Lucas is mesmerised watching the flame.

snuffle babe drops and rub

Snufflebabe nasal drops and vapour rub are excellent. The nasal drops are so easy to use, I put a couple of drops in each nostril before breastfeeding Lucas and his nose clears up quickly. I have been rubbing the vapour rub onto his chest after his bath before bed. I bought them both from boots whilst in Windermere but I’ve bought the drops before from tesco, they have other products in the range and are stocked in many shops. I can’t remember the exact prices but bought both together for under £5.

menthol baby bath

Cussons mum and me baby bath for snuffles is lovely, I have been using this for Lucas and also in my baths as he has very kindly passed his cold onto me. The mixture of the menthol and steam in the bath works wonders and also leaves our skin feeling clean and soft. I bought this before Lucas was born, I have a stock of baby toiletries from picking them up when on offer. I think it is usually around £3 when normally priced.

handmade knitted chick teddy

My Grandma J made Lucas this chick for Easter. It never fails to cheer him up and he cuddles up to it when he wants to hold something for comfort.

Vitabiotics wellbaby drops. As I breastfeed, the midwife recommended we give Lucas a vitamin supplement once he reached 6 months old so I chose these as I use the pregnacare breastfeeding vitamins.

haberman penguin cup

A haberman anywayup cup for Lucas to keep his fluids up in between feeds. The penguin cup is by far my favourite as it never leaks no matter how much Lucas shakes it around.

Seascape peppermint lip balm for my chapped lips. Made in the UK using 100% natural peppermint oil with Jersey beeswax, honey and jojoba seed oil. This lip balm glides on effortlessly, smells fab and protects my dry lips, leaving them moisurised.

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