Have you ever wondered what is really holding you back from everything that you want to do? More often than not, people overthink, and that’s actually worse than you think it is. For someone who tends to overthink, a little obstacle or hurdle can turn into a giant problem, which can cripple them and their ability to overcome it.

Accept and Acknowledge

The first step to overcoming literally any problem you’re going through is to acknowledge it. Realise that the issue you’re facing is real, and then move on to taking active steps to dealing with it. Being in denial may seem comfortable, but not for long. Take a step back and try to analyse your problem, and the situation itself.

Start Right

Makr sure you start your day on the right note. When you begin your day on a fresh, positive and happy note, things are more likely to turn out easier for you, and you’ll be less likely to fall into the circle of overthinking. Being stressed right when you get up in the morning isn’t going to help you in any way. Just shoo away those negative thoughts that come your way, and you should be just fine.

Dive Into Happiness

Distracting yourself into some other activity, preferably something that makes you happy, is a great way to stop overthinking quickly. Everything from dancing, a quick work out, meditation, cooking, reading, gardening, and even just taking a walk can be a refreshing change for you from all that mental chatter. Doing more of things that make you happy will also transform you into a more positive person, making you less likely to overanalyse everything.

Cannabidiol & Other Crutches

You may have come across CBD recently as it seems to be everywhere and whilst there is an increasing amount of research into its various benefits, CBD like many other things in life, is a type of crutch that we can get by without. The real danger is not recognising this and letting it grow into a larger problem than it was originally helping us with. If you need a crutch, make sure you know what it is and don’t become dependent on it.

Let Go of Perfection

Being ambitious and striving to be the best version of yourself is great, but seeking perfection is not. Infact, it is the idea that will do more harm than good to you. Ditch the idea of perfection before you overthink and overwork yourself into exhaustion, frustration and burnout. You don’t need to be perfect, you’re great just as you are!

Practise Gratefulness

Is it possible for you to have a negative and a grateful thought at the same time? That’s exactly why practising gratitude on a daily basis can help. It doesn’t just change your outlook on life but also helps keep you from your overthinking habits.

Ditch Control

There’s a different kind of joy and freedom that comes with losing control and letting go, and if you just try it once, you’ll actually be able to experience it. A lot of us tend to overthink because of our fears. Most of the time, we tend to worry about situations that we believe are not in our control. Remind yourself that even if you’re not in control of everything, that’s okay! Don’t struggle too hard, it just makes it more tough on you than it needs to be.

Simple ways to stop overthinking and clearing your mind


12 Comments on Stop overthinking and Calm Down your Mind

  1. I really needed to read this! I tend to overthink a lot and all the time which is energy consuming and very tiring. Thanks a lot for the amazing tips.

  2. You’re SO right! I’m the worlds worst at holding on to unimportant stuff that results in me doing some serious overthinking :'(

    Louise x

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