Did you know Marks and Spencer’s have opened up some opticians? We were invited* for an eye test a few weeks ago. My Mum wears glasses so I decided to take her to try out the service. We went to the Bolton store and were immediately greeted by the friendliest staff team I have ever come across, they were amazing.


Marks and Spencer’s Opticians my mum and luvas looking at a selection of glasses on display


They started with a short conversation so they knew how to tailor the test for my Mum. This involved asking her when she last had a test, the family history, her general health and anything particular my Mum felt would be important about her sight. Certain health conditions and medication can affect sight so M&S feel this short conversation about general well-being is a vital part of the consultation.


Marks and Spencer’s Opticians Mum looking into one of the test machines


My Mum had a test where a small puff of air was blown into her eye. This measures the pressure inside her eyes which can check for glaucoma. Other tests where done to check how well her eyes adapt, focus and process light. She then had a photograph taken of the back of her eyes using a digital retinal scanner. This gives a detailed overview of her eyes as well as allowing the optometrist check the overall eye health and check for any abnormalities. My Mum had various other tests but I had left the room then to occupy Lucas on the elevators!


Marks and Spencer’s Opticians photos that the eye test have shown


When she had finished her tests, she was recommended the type of lenses she would need and the prescription of them. She chose some frames she liked from the abundance they have and settled on two pairs which we were told would be ready in a week.


Marks and Spencer’s Opticians purple glasses next to a branded Marks and Spencer’s black glasses case and bag


A week after the appointment, I received a text to say they were ready to pick up. Mum popped into the store and again said how welcoming the staff were and she had the frames fitted correctly on her. She is absolutely made up with her new glasses and we couldn’t fault the service from the start to the end.


Marks and Spencer’s Opticians brown and gold glasses with a branded black case and bag


Not only does a regular eye test help to keep your vision clear and comfortable, it can also detect other health-related conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you are due an eye test, I can completely recommend Marks and Spencer’s. They are currently open in Bolton, Manchester, Derby, London and York. They are all offering buy one pair of glasses, get the second pair half price and if you look for leaflets in store, you may be lucky enough to get a coupon for a free eye test too!


Marks and Spencer’s Opticians have arrived! Mum wearing her brown glasses smiling at camera with computer behind her


Marks and Spencer’s Opticians have arrived! Mum wearing purple glasses


Marks and Spencer’s Opticians have arrived!


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  1. I didn’t know that M&S had an opticians now. It’s great that they make all those tests before prescribing a new pair of glasses. Your mom looks gorgeous with her new glasses.

  2. I hadn’t realised they had opened up some opticians! I am due an appointment soon so will have to check and see if my local stores have one!

  3. I think its great that theres another high street to rival the other two brands which seem to dominate the market. Means the customer will get more options on frames and hopefully drive the cost down.

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