Benefits of Burning Candles at Home #candles #aromatherapy


I have always loved burning candles in the house and garden as well as incense and aromatherapy oils.

When I think of winter, I don’t initially think of the cold, the wind or the rain. I think of closed curtains, blankets, films on the TV, treats and candles. I love getting all snuggled up on the sofa and just relaxing.

When I think of a garden party, I think of food, friends, a chimnea and candles burning in the evening.


Benefits of burning candles in your home paddywax scented candles


Candles can instantly change the ambience of a setting, whether that is indoors or out. The practical side of adding light to an area, without the bright harshness of an electric bulb. The soft flickering of the light can create a relaxing atmosphere and add a sense of warmth.

Scented candles can have a huge impact on mood, if you want to relax you can try lavender, sandalwood or chamomile. I associate to smell of cinnamon with baking and Christmas but it’s also thought to improve memory and attention span (both of which I could do with improving!). Studies have shown that pine can alleviate stress and the scent of apples can reduce migraines. I have recently been using 2 Paddywax candles from Rooi that have an incredible salted grapefruit scent. Evidence suggests that citrus scents such as grapefruit can lift your mood, reduce anxiety and even reduce food cravings.


Benefits of burning candles in your home


Although I love the scent of grapefruit, I was really drawn to these candles for their appearance. I adore the rugged finish of the bright pink against the concrete vessels. It also makes them perfect for using both in the garden and in the house. Candles make a great finishing touch to any room so when you are looking, think of them as ornaments and accessories to feature.


Benefits of burning candles at home


Soy candles are free from any artificial or toxic elements, meaning they burn cleanly and last much longer than traditional paraffin and also allow the scent through clearly.

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15 Comments on The benefits of burning candles at home

  1. These candles look lovely! I always judge a candle by the scent first and appearance the second, you want something to look pretty and smell good too! I’ve never tried a soy candle before but I will definitely look out for them!

  2. These candles are really pretty and I do love the subtle scent of candles in our house, certainly relaxing

    Laura x

  3. I love a good candle. ESPECIALLY scented ones!

    Candles can be so romantic can’t they, we use the special ones outside that are supposed to keep bugs away… CITRONELLA? Unsure if thats how you spell it.

    I love the pots your candles are in<3

  4. I enjoyed reading this…I love learning about how different aromatherapy oils have different benefits. I didn’t know the fragrance of apples could help migraines, so that appeals to me. The candles in your photos look lovely and I’d not heard of soy candles, either. Great post x

  5. We always take candles camping. Gives a lovely romantic feel to your pitch and it helps with the insects too!

  6. Fantastic post, I’m a candle addict and love the fact that different essential oils help with different things. I didn’t know that apple can help with migranes though, I must try it 🙂

  7. ooo I love the look of these, we have scented candles and they always make the atmosphere of our house more inviting. We have to watch out for our nosy cats though!

  8. I love candles! My husband rolls his eyes every time I come home with a new one! We always have them outside in the summer, they are a great way to keep the insects away, as well as set the scene.

  9. I’m literally obsessed with candles! We’ve currently got a summer flowers scented candle burning in our kitchen. I don’t believe we’ve tried soy candles before (if we have I’ve not known about it) but I’ll definitely have to suggest using them! Especially seeing as they’re toxin free!

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