After a major life event in November 2018, Klaus decided to make the decision to leave his career and focus his efforts on creating something that would support people to feel happier.


The happiness journal creator Klaus and his daughter


His personal experience prompted him to share the tools that helped him through a very difficult time, implementing journalling and positive daily habits such as gratitude, mindfulness and meditation. He created The Way of the Tortoise – a Journal to Happiness.

“The one thing that unites all human beings is our desire to be happy. If there was a sure-fire way to help you do this – that easily fits in with your busy life – why wouldn’t you do it? We’d all be happier if we adopt the habit of journalling, and it only takes a few minutes every day.”
– Klaus White, Founder The Way of the Tortoise


The happiness journal


The Happiness Journal follows a wealth of scientific evidence that supports the fact that daily journalling has huge positive benefits; including increased focus and improving happiness.

The journal is full to the brim with practical tools, inspirational quotes, and practical information that you can apply to your busy life a little bit at a time. You’ll be guided by daily questions, prompts, questions, quotes and a monthly habit tracker to help you take practical steps and achieve the happiness that you deserve in your life.

Based on the latest findings from the worlds of science, psychology, and personal development this journal offers a simple, easy-to-follow process which only takes a few minutes every morning and every night.

The beautifully designed journal includes a free bookmark with a discount code for future The Way of the Tortoise purchases (click on the pink link to go to the website). It’s a lovely thing, a welcome addition to any bedside table and a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

For 25% discount and free delivery, use the code Tortoise2019chilling


The happiness journal


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Happiness journal



The journal to happiness. The journal is full to the brim with practical tools, inspirational quotes, and practical information that you can apply to your busy life a little bit at a time


83 Comments on Creating positivity with the happiness journal

  1. I have fibromyalgia and use mindfulness for my chronic pain management every day. I cannot recommend it enough, it also helps with anxiety, depression, panic attacks. Would love to win this book as it is something I would find most helpful.

  2. Really really want to win this for my daughter who struggles with low self esteem & depression. Am sure this would help her to stay on top of things.

  3. This looks like a great way to be more mindful and to actively take care of your mental health. I might have to get one for the New Year!

  4. This would be amazing to win. I really struggle with anxiety and depression and write things down on paper but a journal like this would be perfect xx

  5. Such a great idea, Im all about the positivity. I always say to my children, you can get anywhere in life if you stay positive!

  6. Mindfulness, self love and kindness are so important to a happy and healthy lifestyle. There is too much negativity, materialism and greed already lets stand together to make changes, no matter how small. Start with yourself and make you feel better! I love this book!

  7. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for a long time but this year events have turned my life around so this journal looks great for helping put my life back together

  8. I keep meaning to start a journal, I think somehting like this with promts for what to write would be perfect.

  9. We are all so busy these days it is easy to forget to make time for ourselves and our own wellbeing. This would help focus

  10. This is awesome. I really want to journal but sometimes find it hard to know what on earth to write, so I think a prompted approach like this would be ideal!

  11. I have a gratitude journal in which I also add positive quotes and prayers. I think happiness journals are a great idea and it can help you feel grateful for the things you already have x

  12. What a great idea. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful the brain is, and what a difference telling yourself something makes

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