We’ve dramatically cut down on the meat consumption over the past few months but we can struggle for ideas. I was recently sent* a Vegan Box from Vegan Apron. There are 4 types of vegan recipe boxes that can be delivered weekly. The recipe boxes come with everything you need to make 3 meals including the recipes to follow. The ingredients are high quality, fresh produce and the packaging is biodegradable compostable wherever possible. Each recipe is packed individually so you can keep everything together in the fridge with the correct recipe card.


Dauphinoise potatoes in a black roasting tin and bowl of green beans and pinenuts next to it


With my box, I was also sent Miguel Barclay’s Vegan One Pound Meals Book. The book contains over 85 vegan recipes including golden syrup broccoli noodles, mac and no cheese, sticky aubergine bao, black bean meatballs, vegan sausage rolls and my favourite, sweet potato katsu curry. This book is all about Miguel showing how accessible vegan food is and how to create delicious food with minimum fuss and maximum flavour. As the name of the book suggests, all the meals cost only £1 per portion!


A white plate of stacked fritters with potatoes next to it


I made Miguel’s Thai dauphinoise which were incredible. The recipe used potatoes, coconut milk, garlic, chilli, pak choi, green beans and pinenuts. I will definitely making these again and again, the recipe really shows that you don’t need cream, cows milk and cheese to make delicious dauphinoise.


Vegan book


I also made Miguel’s sweet corn fritters. These involved courgettes, sweet corn and chickpea flour. These went down very well and we had them with the Thai dauphinoise. Both recipes where really easy to follow and I enjoyed using the ingredients in different ways than I am used to.

I enjoyed the recipes that much, that I would like to treat one reader to Miguel Barclay’s vegan one pound meals book! If you would like the chance to win, enter below x


Vegan recipe book


Fresh vegan meals on a budget


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  1. As a veggie/vegan I get so bored with food. It has got so much better nowadays, than it was 40 yrs ago when I was very limited. This looks a fab idea!

  2. I love eating Vegan food and have been for around the last 2 years. Would love to have a look at this book!

  3. I’m allergic to dairy and find vegan recipes much easier than dairy-free ones – plus you can’t go wrong at a pound!

  4. Im slowly trying to transition to vegan, this book would be great as the main reason that stops me eating plant based food and recipes is often the cost xx

  5. Would be perfect for us, because my daughter would like to be vegetarian, but we struggle finding enough variety of meals to cook for her xx

  6. We’ve also massively cut down on meat in our house. This would be perfect for us to make sure the kids are getting a varied diet

  7. Many thanks. I’m trying to eat a wider variety of food, including food groups and vegan meals, as I’m recovering from anorexia. This would be super! Xxx

  8. Sounds like a fantastic guide to eating cheaply and healthily, and I too am a fan of sweet potato in any kind of curry!

  9. My daughter has recently become Vegan and I am struggling to come up with low cost meal ideas. Would love to win this book for more ideas.

  10. I’d love to win this ! Weve recently radically changed our diet and are on a financial budget It would be great for us !

  11. We have made a conscious decision in our household to try and eat less meat products, so this book would be really useful.

  12. This book keeps cropping up lately, it looks really interesting, would love to win. I need some new inspiration.

  13. I saw an interview on This Morning where a woman, who seemed to think a plant based diet was not a good thing, said she felt veganism was a fad for the middle classes, the liberal elite and for people with money. She said it could not be practical for single parents or lower income families…I hope this book will prove her wrong and that we ALWAYS have a choice we just need perhaps need to change the way we do things. I love that being vegan has saved me so much money (and I am definitely not middle class or wealthy!!)

  14. That Thai dauphinoise looks delicious! These sound like just the sort of recipes I could do with adding to my repertoire

  15. Nice prize. As food is a necessity. “Variety is the Spice of Life”. We are living in a time when cash is limited, we need to budget very carefully ( the majority of us. As there are the Rich and Super – Rich).

    Eating meals together is also a social event :- Socialising can be beneficial to our Health and Wellbeing. Social isolation is said to be detrimental, maybe that is why it has been used as a form of punishment.

    Health and Wellbeing are important aspects of life.

  16. I’ve fallen in to the trap for vegan junk food but would like to cook more so this would be ideal to help me with that.

  17. We’re actively trying to reduce the amount of meat we eat so I’m always on the lookout for interesting vegetable based main dishes. The sweet potato katsu curry sounds as if it has my name on it!

  18. I so need a recipe book like this to help me and my daughters with our healthier eating regime, thanks for the chance to win x

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