Next week is National Chocolate Week, I have to admit that I eat a lot of chocolate and don’t need an excuse to indulge it in but I thought I would put together a list of Fairtrade chocolates I fancy trying and hopefully introduce to a new brand or two.

Buying Fairtrade chocolate makes a big difference to the lives of farmers and small business owners in places like Ghana and the Ivory Coast who work hard to produce cocoa. Through the Fairtrade minimum price and additional premiums, money is invested in families and communities which in turn, improving the wellbeing of those living in poverty. The Rare Welshbit has a great post on 15 facts on fairtrade chocolate


Fairtrade chocolate and love

Chocolate and Love Chocolate

Chocolate and Love is a brand I was introduced to a while back and it is delicious. Chocolate and Love use the best cacao and other premium ingredients available to produce an organic chocolate of the finest quality. The cacao is sourced from Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Peru, Dominican Republic and Panama. There are various flavours including mint, orange and coffee. They also have some new beautiful gift tins in time for Christmas gifts that include 30 pieces of either dark chocolate or sea salt, the perfect stocking filler at only £3 from Waitrose and Ocado.

Fairtrade chocolate divine

Divine Chocolate

These Divine chocolate-filled gift bags are a luxurious little treat for any occasion. Made using the finest Fairtrade ingredients, there is a delightful variety for all tastes but we love the nutty treats. Try Dark Chocolate with Caramelised Almonds, Dark Chocolate with Black Cherries or Milk and Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts. The Fairtrade almonds and cherries are grown on trees irrigated by meltwater from the Himalayas and harvested by Mountain Fruits co-operatives. The Brazil nuts are sourced from Fairtrade farmers around the South American Amazon River. These bags are available from Oxfam for £5

Fairtrade chocolate raw chocolate mulberries

The Raw Chocolate Co

These Raw Chocolate Mulberries wowed the judges in the Great Taste Awards 2017. The Raw Chocolate Company shows it can successfully deliver both on quality and ethical consciousness, offering these naughty but nice mouthfuls of sweet goodness that are made with the best ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. The sourness of the fruit perfectly balanced by the dark cocoa flavour, makes for a wholesome delectable treat that’s easy on people and the environment. Using Fairtrade cocoa and sugar, the Raw Chocolate Company makes chocolate to appeal to both the taste buds and the heart. Available from £1.49 from The Raw Chocolate Company

Fairtrade chocolate Co-op Milk Chocolate Satsumas

Co-op chocolate

Co-op Milk Chocolate Satsumas. These foil wrapped hollow mile chocolate spheres, flavoured with orange oil, are a fun and funky treat for all the family! Something a little different, they deliver on appearance and appetite with zesty orange chocolate a scrummy tea time treat or sneaky snack. Co-op offers a 100% Fairtrade chocolate bar range and has recently announced a ground-breaking move to source all of its cocoa for own brand products on Fairtrade terms. Available from The Co-Op for £1.50

Fairtrade chocolate Seed and Bean 100% Ecuador dark chocolate

Seed and Bean chocolate

Seed and Bean 100% Ecuador dark chocolate. This sensationally dark chocolate is made from 100% premium organic cacao beans. Its smooth simplicity makes for a satisfying chocolate bar, mixing natural flavours to make a kaleidoscopic moment of pleasure. The cacao in Seed and Bean’s 100% bar is grown by many farmer families in the tropical lowlands of Ecuador, the most bio-diverse country on earth. From this exquisite paradise, the highly regarded cacao variety brings you a discernible and unrivalled depth in aroma and flavour. Seed and Bean work closely with local farmer families, paying them above market price for their highest quality cacao bean. They are proud to say you can trace their chocolate from field to store. Available from Waitrose, Selfridges, all Wholefoods, Planet Organic, WH Smith and Abel & Cole for £2.40

Fairtrade chocolate

Waitrose chocolate

Waitrose Indian Ocean Dark Chocolate and Coconut. Awarded the much-coveted gold award from the Academy of Chocolate, this new chocolate release from Waitrose is made with fully traceable cocoa beans from the Fairtrade co-operatives in India. This single origin 54% dark chocolate has strong cocoa notes with a complexity of coconut flavours, and added ground coconut, to give a scrumptious, creamy, nutty taste. £2.19

Fairtrade chocolate Traidcraft’s Mint Cream Dark Chocolate

Traidcraft chocolate

Traidcraft’s Mint Cream Dark Chocolate. A firm favourite, Traidcraft combine traditional minty cream chocolate with their deep rooted ethical ethos, focused on improving the lives of farmers and workers through Fairtrade across the world. This classic mint dark chocolate is perfect for after dinner or with an intense cup of coffee – Fairtrade too, of course. The cocoa from Fairtrade farms that goes into this smooth dark chocolate bar is blended together in a process called ‘conching’, to create the smoothest melt in the mouth experience. As well as being Fairtrade this is all organic, which means it’s good to the environment and people. It is also available in milk and dark chocolate, £2.50


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7 Comments on Seven sensational Fairtrade chocolates for Chocolate Week

  1. My son is learning about Fair Trade chcoolate at school at the moment, the cocoa bean trade is shocking in its exploitation of children so this is a wonderful post. Those Co-op Milk Chocolate Satsumas look amazing! I might have to try them out 😉

  2. Yay for chocolate! I try and buy fairtrade when I can – the quality is usually much better, and it’s good on the conscience. Divine chocolate is fantastic!

  3. Love that this is not only beautiful chocolate, but it is also helping with the welfare of farmers and their family! Really want to try the sea salt and caramel – agree it makes a pretty stocking filler!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

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