D gave me his Mum’s silver Pandora bracelet about 5 years ago, it had some charms already on it and he has bought me charms for birthdays, Christmas and when we go on holidays since then. A couple of years ago, he also bought me a purple double leather bracelet.


My charm story pandora charms bracelet

I love every charm, the teacup, the handbag and hedgehog are really special as they were D’s Mums. My absolute favourite one is the silver charm with a gold D on it. I also love the handprint and footprint one as that is unique to me as it is taken from Lucas’s prints. I also received a new charm the other day that is made from my breastmilk and a lock of Lucas’ hair. I am going to be reviewing that and also running a giveaway soon x


My charm story pandora charm beads

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  1. Wow you have so many charms! I have about five on mine, but they all mean something and I only wear it when I’m anxious about something as it makes me feel better! (That probably sounds ridiculous)

  2. I’ve never really looked into anything by Pandora… But I might have to, to see if there’s anything my wife would like!

  3. These are some gorgeous charms. Especially the prints 🙂 my nanny family got me a Pandora Bracelet for my birthday this year

  4. Oh wow I never knew you could get charms made with baby prints and breastmilk! I don’t have a Pandora bracelet, I have an old fashioned charm bracelet. I’d love to have charms with my little one’s hand print on. That must be so special.

  5. I have a charmilia bracelet which was from my husbands late grandfather. It is so special to me and I hope one day to pass it on to my daughter x

  6. Lovely set of charms! Great keepsakes and memories that can be carried around all the time 🙂

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