I can’t believe Lucas is going to be 4 in 2 weeks! We asked him what he wants to do for his birthday and he wants a family get together at my Mums, he wants to go to a cafe for a drink and piece of cake with one of his friends and he wants to go to the cinema to watch the Lego Movie 2 with D and I. This year it seems we will be fairly low key this year which I’m quite glad about before he starts school in September and might want a bigger party next year. The great thing about planning a pre school party is that you can still get away with only inviting one or two friends so it doesn’t need to be a huge event, overly expensive or stressful.

With my birthday in January, I remember wishing I had a Summer birthday so I could have lovely garden parties with bouncy castles. Even when I was older and we were going round bars in town, January isn’t the greatest weather to be dressed up walking from bar to bar, freezing in short skirts haha and then you have everyone not having money after spending so much over Christmas and new year, anyway I’m moving off point…


winter party ideas for children. the unciron pjs lay on the bed

Afternoon tea

Last year we went for a birthday afternoon tea which we really enjoyed. You could do your own at home or go to a cafe. We went to a cafe and they asked what theme we wanted and decorated accordingly. I asked for trains. They made train decorated cupcakes and decorated the table with train accessories.

Inflatable playground

There are plenty of inflatable playgrounds and trampoline parks now, most of which have offers on for pre schoolers Monday-Friday so it can be a lot cheaper than doing it on a weekend or after school hours. It also means that you won’t have older children accidentally knocking into the smaller ones.


Lucas has been to the cinema once and loved it, he is so excited to be going for his birthday and it’s amazing timing that the Lego movie is released the week before his birthday. Some of the cinemas offer cheaper prices for children on certain days so it’s worth checking in advance and also, take your snacks and bottles of drinks in a backpack so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the cinema prices!


winter party ideas for children. Lucas and I sat in bed in our pjs


Pyjama party

Invite one of their friends or even do it on your own with your child. Get yourself some new pjs and make it a real treat night together. The Pyjama Factory sent* Lucas and I some pjs and we love them. The have an array of top quality pyjamas with rock bottom prices in line with all the latest fashion trends and popular characters. Lucas chose a Finding Dory set, the top features an adorable Finding Dory and friends print and the bottoms have a fully elasticated waist and cuffed ankles for extra comfort. Lucas is really pleased with them and I am really happy with the quality of them, they have washed really well too as I was a bit wary with the colours being so bright but they have kept their colour well. I chose a Unicorn pyjama set with a “Too Lazy To Move” slogan printed across the front . This set is complete with matching elasticated shorts. They are very comfortable and the sizing is true to size.

For the pyjama party, you could make pizzas from scratch, with a bought pizza base or adding topping into a bought cheese and tomato pizza. Play board games and watch a film in bed or snuggled up on the sofa with snacks together.


winter party ideas for children Lucas sat on a stool in his pjs


The Pyjama Factory have kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win a pair of pyjamas in the design of their choice, subject to availability, enter using the app below x

Pyjama Factory


Winter party ideas for children


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  1. Pyjama Parties are brilliant. Son loved the cinema trip parties as well. The last one we did was for the Lego movie ended up in a cake shop for the biggest hot chocolate ever.

  2. I love the “Too Lazy To Move” unicorn pyjamas that kind of sums me up most weekends after a long week of work and homelife

  3. Pyjamas parties are fun for kids, especially when they are a bit older and can have sleepovers. For some reason kids love the excitement of all sleeping on the floor together.

  4. Just spotted the Floss pyjamas on the website – made me giggle as my son is *always* doing this weird dance!! Fab comp!

  5. I’m definitely stealing some of these ideas.
    My eldest boys are 9 and 4 on the 18th july and off school so may do party in the day to hopefully save money!

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