I was recently offered to review an Understanding Sleep programme from Vesta Birth and Parenting, Lucas has been awful to settle this past couple of months and at the time of being offered this I jumped at the chance. I had the initial phone call which was about 30 minutes where we discussed what was going on at bedtime, the differences between the days he had been with me and the days he was at the childminder. I explained I was still breastfeeding at night but not in the day and that we co-sleep. Sarah completely put me at ease and reminded me that co-sleeping and breastfeeding is natural and that neither of those factors would be effecting his sleep.

Unfortunately, I didn’t continue with the rest of the plan as it just wasn’t the right time for us. Lucas had teeth coming through which meant no matter what I implemented it couldn’t take away his pain and if he needed to stay up and have some comfort from us, I wasn’t going to take that away from him.


Understanding sleep

That being said, I would highly recommend Vesta Birth and Parenting and if we are still struggling once he has finished teething, I will be ringing Sarah up to continue with the plan.

These are just some of the things that they can support you with;

Establishing good sleep habits and approaches to sleep from birth
Sleep Regressions
Sorting out Sleep Associations
Settling your little one to sleep without stress and anxiety for either of you
Night waking for toddlers and pre-schoolers
Transitions from cot to bed
Transitions from the family bed to their own bedroom
Specialist support for parents of multiples
They don’t do cry-it-out.
They won’t promise to solve your problems in a short space of time. (That does usually happen though!)
They will support you – daily if you need it.
They will provide anecdotal and research based evidence to help you jointly come up with the most appropriate ways to adapt your night time parenting.
They will make safe-sleep their absolute priority
They ensure that your child will retain or in some cases restore their sense of security and safety during the night. They do not use extinction.
They look at your baby or child’s cues or behaviour – not just at bedtime, but what’s going on during the day and any potential triggers for sleep difficulties. They see how you are currently approaching sleep, what you’d like to achieve and how you envisage going about it.

There are 4 sleep programmes, starting at just £30 x



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  1. Sounds like a great programme especially for parents with babies/toddlers who are struggling to go to sleep 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great idea, we were lucky enough to have a good sleeper but I know several of my friends have had problems with sleep routines etc. It’s quite cool that you can do it via phone consultation

  3. This seems very reasonably priced for what’s an offer. Such a shame you didn’t get to try it properly due to the teething but I understand where you’re coming from. Those days are torture for everyone x

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