Growing children need to be taught a lot of values which can include sharing, being respectful, having compassion and self control.

We see a lot of adults struggle with self control, and if you can get your children to develop this at an early stage itself, it can be helpful throughout all their life.

Fingers crossed I get it right with Lucas. Here are 5 activities that you can get your children to try to help them master self control.

The Quiet Game

Oh yes. Apart from the peace and quiet it will get you for a good 10-15 minutes, this game also teaches your kids to be patient, mindful and yes, establish control over themselves. The game is pretty simple and obvious- just ask your children to be quiet – the one who speaks first loses, and the winner gets a little reward- like their favourite meal made for dinner. If you just have one child like me, we could try using a timer.

Set the Date

Delayed gratification is an important and powerful concept that can work wonders in helping your children establish self control. Children tend to be attracted by every second thing that catches their eye. This means constant demands and at times, even throwing tantrums.

The next time your child demands something- delay getting it for them and set a date when you will be purchasing it – even if you were planning to purchase it anyway. This will help your child learn patience and self control.


Playing charades is another excellent way to teach your children self control, and you, as an adult, can play it too. You can hold this as a group or an individual activity. The fact that you know about something and you can’t speak it out can be difficult, and this game does exactly that and teaches your child self control whilst having fun together.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is more than just exercise, and yes, it isn’t just for adults. Getting your children involved in yoga and other meditative practises can help keep them more grounded and centred, and can boost their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Marble & Spoon

This one’s another simple and easy game like the old egg and spoon race at school that you can get your child to try occasionally. Just place a marble on a spoon and have your child hold the spoon and walk from start to finish without dropping the marble.


5 activities to teach your children self control


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