Everyone has got their own perception of what Mother’s Day should offer and be, but it obviously all depends on what your mum likes to do and see.

However, making someone feel special often amounts to more than what flowers you get them. If you’re keen to give your Mum a very special and unique gift this Mother’s Day, consider some of the tips and suggestions.

Build the Anticipation

Ultimately, when the anticipation for a special day is big, the payoff can be even bigger. Don’t leave your mum in the dark wondering if you’ll remember Mother’s Day or if you’ve got anything planned. If you can, plant little seeds in the days running up to the day. Whether that is dropping hints, promising a visit, or revealing you’ve got something booked.

If you are building the anticipation, you’re giving your mum something to look forward to. It also allows her to appreciate the hype around Mother’s Day for a little longer than just that one day. Obviously, if you’ve got a limit on how much you are doing with her, don’t oversell the day. Still, if you can get her whooped up in a way that’s relative to what you’ve got planned she’ll be happier for longer and not worry that anyone will forget!

Feel Good Presents

Not every mum wants to be blown away. Therefore, smaller but thoughtful tokens of appreciation could be more appropriate here than an elaborate holiday trip, etc. For example, you could gift her some relaxing and calming bath oils from Neom Organics, or perhaps make a photo book that’s been compiled out of old family photographs. Both of these are small and cost-effective gifts but also show that you think she deserves something special. It’s that thoughtfulness that will be greatly appreciated and make your mum feel special.

Flesh out the Card

Try to leave out the very standard ‘To Mum, Happy Mother’s Day, Love Bob’ types of messages. It all feels a bit clinical and doesn’t really seem like you’ve put a lot of thought and effort in. There’s a lot of blank space there, use it! Instead, flesh out your card with a heartfelt message. Don’t be afraid to write more than a sentence or two; just elaborate on your appreciation for everything your mum. Additionally, you could perhaps mention a few examples of times where she was there for you and helped you. If you can draw on those important moments, shed more light on how much you’re thankful for your mum!

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How to make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day



9 Comments on How to make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day

  1. I’ve not spent mother’s day with my mum for a couple of years now and it’s shame as we live to far away. I always try to write a lovely and heart felt message in the card though

  2. I’m glad I read this article – I completely forgot Mothers Day was coming up Haha! I’ll actually be away that weekend, but the weekend before I’m taking my mum to Naples, so that’ll be a nice treat x

  3. I love doing something special for Mother’s Day and treating her! We’ve just booked a lovely restaurant and hoping for a good roast dinner! xo

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