The temperature has dropped and soon the nights and morning will be darker but that isn’t going to stop Lucas wanting to go out. I don’t want it to either, it was actually quite nice having our early morning walks last year.

Lucas loves his footwear and has a huge selection of sandals, trainers and wellies. For this Winter, I’ve been looking at some shoes from Engelbert Strauss. They are one of the worlds leading workwear companies creating clothing and footwear with durable materials for extreme conditions. They have a fab selection of children’s boots and trainers, perfect for keeping Lucas’ feet warm and dry through Winter.

Dressing in several thin layers, fleece jacket is meant to be better than one thick layer and it means he can wear exactly what is needed for how he is feeling.

Lucas used to constantly take his socks off when he was younger, sock ons worked great when he was a baby but when we stopped using those, I put tights on him, it gave an extra layer under his pants when it was really cold and stopped his feet getting cold.

Remember if you are in the car, children in car seats shouldn’t have their big thick coats on as it stops the harness being fitted properly, instead pop a blanket over them after they are strapped in. Your child will be able to remove the blanket if they get too hot to stop overheating.

Waterproof trousers, Lucas has some from Mac in a Sac and they are perfect for popping over whatever pants he is wearing to keep dry. Mac in a Sac also come with a 2 year guarantee!

If your little one won’t wear a hood, get them a hat, preferably that covers their ears. I love the ones that Little Green Radicals do, they are made with beautiful organic cotton that keeps them warm without overheating and they all have matching mittens available too.

If you are going to be out when it’s dark, consider getting a high vis jacket to pop over their normal coat or if you have a pram with you, you can get some fab safety reflectors that clip on there. Also, if the little ones are on their bike, make sure you have a light on that.

If they don’t like to keep covers on in bed, get them a sleeping bag, we have always bought Slumbersacs and get the ones with feet in now so he doesn’t feel restricted and I can relax knowing he’s covered properly all night.


Keeping children safe and warm this Winter



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  1. I loved baby sleeping bags when mine were little, I have wrigglers but was happy they were kept warm and happy. Great tips

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