Bathing Solutions* are currently running a #BreakingBarriers campaign to break the barriers for elderly people.

Break the barriers for elderly people

For one of the first times in history we are about to see the number of our senior generation surpass that of the youth, with those 65 and up making up 15.6% of the global population by 2050.

Advances in healthcare and standards of living have improved quality and length of life for older generations, yet society often casts off its seniors as ‘incapable’ or ‘unable’ to learn new skills.

Times are changing and it’s time for us to change too, breaking the stigma and encouraging each other to take action and get inspired to learn new skills or tricks of the trade.

Break the barriers for elderly people

I am lucky enough to have two Grandmas and one Grandad, two in their late 70s and one mid 80s. Age certainly hasn’t slowed them down. My Grandma and Grandad in their 70s are both very active Grandparents, still doing the school runs of my cousins, dog sitting for my Aunties and maintaining their home and surrounding farmland.

Break the barriers for elderly people

My Grandma in her 80s has only just started thinking about adapting her bathroom to be prepared for when she gets older. She has embraced modern technology, treating herself to an iPad to email all of us, download crossword apps and watch her soaps on catch up. She regularly goes out to social groups including knit and natter where they knit items to give to homeless charities. She volunteers every week at hospital as a trolley dolly (not the correct term but you know who I mean), going round selling snacks and magazines.

It is never too late to take up a new hobby, make new friends and learn new skills. Do you know anybody that may be feeling a little cut off? Why don’t you go round, have a brew and see if you can support them in any way? Have a look at what is in your local area that they might like, our local library have various activities going, the colleges may offer subsidiary’s   on courses for over 65s, Age UK and the women’s institute often run groups and organise day trips.





21 Comments on Break The Barriers For Elderly People

  1. Good for her! My nan is almost 90 and..sadly has recently started needed carers for her dementia.
    She had a very unusual last 20 years though and was far from the ‘norm’ for an older woman, she’d go out all day, visit friends attend events (not clubbing haha!) but she really stayed active!

  2. I’ve got an elderly nanna but she is definitely not a tech odopter. Loving so far away from her I do miss sandwiches with no crusts and tea and cake but it’s just too far. Nice article and good cause

  3. My nan has now unfortunately been put in a home. It’s really sad to see her having to leave the place she has been living for most of her life. x

  4. The health care before in terms of food was way better, I guess, so some of them are undeniably fit until now. They still look lovely and handsome. 🙂 Nothing is too late in terms of learning.

  5. My grandma’s bathroom has just been converted to make it easier to use and it looks amazing, it is so much better than mine x

  6. What a lovely post! I think anything we can do to make older folk feel happy and included is so great.

  7. Hubby’s grandad has his tablet and keeps up to date with everything going on through that. My grandparents don’t like modern technology though and we only get time once or twice a year to catch up, which is a real shame.

  8. I lost my grandmother this year, she was almost 102! My mum lives with me and it comes in handy, as she will not be loney, especially as we are always near her! She plays video games too:)
    Great post, as lonliness is a real killer 🙁

  9. Haha your grandma sounds ace on her iPad! Can just imagine her now doing her crosswords lol

  10. This is amazing, she looks very good to be in her 80’s! I think it’s great she have found about modern technology. My boyfriends nan just treated her an ipad aswell x

  11. This sounds like such a sweet idea. Unfortunately none of my nan’s have embraced modern technology, and it does make me giggle sometimes. Once my nan asked me why I needed a laptop if I had Facebook, I don’t think she really understood anything about the internet at all bless her.

  12. Your nan is awesome! Mine got herself an laptop at 93 and an iPad at 94, but now she’s almost 96 and her health is going downhill fast, meaning she can no longer remember how to use them. It was fun teaching her though, and she loved being able to look at pictures of the kids on Facebook!

    Louise x

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