In 2021, more children are home from school like in 2020. With many educational institutions closed down, as well as lots of businesses, families are experiencing the challenges of this unprecedented situation.

While being home with your children may bring lots of joy to your life, many stressors come with it. You can take some steps to keep your sanity. While you want to be there for children in this difficult time, you also have to consider your own mental health.

With children running around, food to make, and chores to finish, finding the time and space for “self-care” becomes challenging. Keep reading to learn some simple tips for creating self-care spaces in your home.

Design a Peaceful Playroom for Your Children

While you can focus on creating your own self-care space, sometimes the best approach is to design calm areas for your children. As your children may love to be noisy, many studies show that kids can benefit from quiet and peaceful areas in the home.

Boost your child’s development and give them the freedom to play by creating these areas. Here are some tips on how to do this effectively:

Make a reading and picture book corner

Your child may love to read, but finding the right area for this important activity may be challenging. Solve this problem by building a reading and picture book corner! These areas have limited distractions, are peaceful, and can be extremely comfortable. For a tranquil and inviting space, add your child’s favourite pillows and blankets. Also, be sure to include a lamp that’s specifically designed for the area. This part of your home can make children feel more grown-up. The area also provides the perfect solution for unwinding after the day.

Focus on crafting areas

Boosting your child’s development with creative exercises can go a very long way. That being said, another amazing space idea is to create crafting areas in your home. When children have high energy, they may feel a little overwhelmed. While you can see this anxiety, it can also have a huge impact on your own mental health. When your children are distracted with a colouring book or painting session, it helps calm them down, which can also bring you some peace of mind.

Before designing this area, consider what type of art or crafting your children enjoy. If they like cutting paper or fabric, give them the safe tools to do so. If they enjoy using crayons or paint, give them the supplies they need. Stimulating your children with the crafts they truly enjoy can make all the difference.

Build Your Own Zen Space

While creating peaceful areas for your children is important, building your own self-care space is essential. Take a look at some tips on how to accomplish this:

Find your comfort items

We all have those items that give us a sense of comfort. Whether it’s that blanket you’ve had since you were five years old or that candle that makes you feel calm, building a space with these items can be very beneficial. Also, when you’re not relaxed, it’s hard to be comfortable. To keep calm, make sure you’re not too hot or cold. Make sure you have the proper clothing, blankets, pillows, and anything else that can boost your comfort.

Step up your furniture game

Sometimes a simple furniture change can give you a much calmer, more peaceful space in your home. If possible, try to create a room or certain area that’s designed only for you. In this space, place a comfortable couch, chair, or any other furniture that gives you comfort. While you can make this a shared area with a couch for the whole family, you might want to establish times when only you have access to the space. When you choose a sofa just for you, you can pick your desired comfort level and choose other items to create a more personalised, tranquil self-care space.

By following the tips above, you can create a space in your home that encourages peace, calm, and healthy home living.


Tips To Create "Self-Care" Spaces In Your Home. With children, cooking and work to finish, time and space for “self-care” becomes challenging.

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