A built-in coffee machine looks like something straight out of an interior design magazine. These types of machines have a stunning look due to the way that they embed within the counters and surfaces in your kitchen, and there are many benefits to built-in machines.

It might cost a little more than some of the other, more simplistic coffee machines, but a built-in coffee machine might be worth the extra investment.

Sleek, Modern Look

The way a coffee machine looks isn’t always high up on the priorities. However, these machines are undeniably sleek and modern. Whether you have them in a home kitchen or in a commercial kitchen, or even within your office, people will be impressed by the way they look. The fact that they are embedded and flush with your units has other benefits, too…

More Surface Space

A built-in coffee machine doesn’t take up any space on your surfaces or the units within your house. This frees up more space for food preparation or other appliances, or just gives you a far more minimalist look within your kitchen.

Some coffee machines that sit on the side in your kitchen can actually be something of an eye-sore. The built-in machine is usually the opposite.


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Barista-Style Drinks at The Touch Of a Button

Most built-in coffee machines can provide you with a huge variety of different drinks. You don’t just have to stick to filter coffee.

Most offer “bean-to-cup” and will need you to put water, coffee beans, and milk within. From this, it can do it’s magic to create the drink you want. Frothy and milky cappuccinos or simple Americano coffees are quickly and easily prepared for you to enjoy at home.

Most coffee machines like this have really simple interfaces. You should just be able to select your type of drink, press a button, and watch the coffee fill the mug. You certainly don’t have to learn to be a barista to get the most out of your machine.

A Choice of Preparation Methods

Though the vast majority of models are bean-to-cup, some built-in coffee machines have the capacity to work with pods or capsules, giving you another way to prepare and enjoy your drinks.

Save Money on Store-Bought Coffee

One of the best things about having a built-in coffee machine at home is the fact that you can save money on buying drinks from a coffee shop. Being able to access barista-style drinks means that you may save around £2.50 a drink, or even more. Did you know that a recent study concluded that Brits spend £300+ on coffee per year, on average?

Though you need to outlay some money initially to buy the coffee machine, you will save money in the long-term if you are able to access coffee that is cheaper by the cup. You can even invest in a thermos flask to keep your coffee warm throughout the day. Your home coffee machine can even make your coffee to drink while you’re at work!

Making Coffee in a Machine Can Be Far Better than Instant Coffee

Most of us agree that properly brewed coffee can be far superior to instant coffee.

This guide tells us that there are negligible health benefits. Brewed coffee keeps more of its oils and also provides a bit more caffeine, providing a boost to your energy and even your brain function. Instant coffee and brewed coffee are both good for antioxidants.

The main difference lies within the taste. The processing that is required for instant coffee rids it of many of the flavours. On top of this, beans that make instant coffee are often cheaply sourced. A single-origin coffee within a machine will provide you with a far superior taste, almost every time.


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“Smart” Functionality

As time goes on, the technology behind the built-in coffee machine is getting more and more impressive. This means that there are models coming out which include Bluetooth and App support. Yes, you can prepare a coffee via an app on your phone.

Some might think of this as a gimmick, but it can actually allow you to have more control over the extraction and brew. On top of that, it means you can have coffee set on a timer, and make use of many more smart features and functions for coffee preparation.

If you are the sort of person who loves smart home technology then you will probably love the idea of a smart coffee machine. Not all built-in models offer this, but more and more are starting to give some smart functionality.


Whether you want a simple and straightforward filter brewer or something that can provide the full repertoire of barista coffees, there is a built-in coffee machine for you. They look spectacular, with a sleek and modern design that works with any home decor. The design also means you can save a lot of space within the kitchen to use preparing other food or filling with other smart gadgets.


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  1. A good coffee machine is essential in my house and a must have for sure as I am not sure what I would do if I could not make a delicious cup of coffee every day. Thank you for the post and the smart functionality is a feature that I am looking for in my appliances going forward.

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