Birds are great pets that will give you unconditional love and joy. No wonder they are one of the most popular pets in Australia. If you also intend to adopt a flock of birds, an outdoor aviary is ideal housing for your pets. For providing adequate housing for your birds, select a well-designed aviary such as the ones supplied by Steel Chief Aviaries.

An aviary is a dedicated covered space for birds, and before installing one, you should know a few basic things. Install an aviary worthy for your pet bird to live with enough freedom to spread its wings. The aviary should also be secure and sheltered with lots of ventilation, sunlight, and ample protection from the harsh elements.

Size and Shape of the Aviary

You need to decide on the aviary‘s size depending on themaximum number of birds you want to accommodate and the breed of the birds. The minimum length and width of any cage should be at least twice the length and width of the wingspan of the largest bird in the cage. This is as per the Code of Practice for the Housing of Caged Birds. Make sure that the size of the aviary you buy is per these guidelines.

You can opt for steel aviaries that come in a larger range of roof designs. The skillion roof design is one of the popular styles of bird aviary. For a smaller sized backyard, flat roof style is an ideal pick. A gable style will offer more space for your birds to spread their wings in a larger aviary. The aviary should have a design where all the birds can perch in a place sheltered from direct sunlight, wind, and rain.


Decide on the location before installing a bird aviary.

It is usually best to locate the aviary within the view of your house as birds need frequent human contact. Watch the birds from your home or while walking or relaxing in the garden. Take care not to position the aviary under a tree as this will limit sunlight. Also, avoid positioning near air vents and air conditioning units.

Aviaries should be installed in a way that provides an abundance of ventilation to keep your birds comfortable and protected and at the same time also provide protection from weather extremes.

Ensure that the aviary is secured to the ground or concrete slab for protection from heavy winds.


Choose a bird aviary built with stainless steel and not copper wire as birds tend to chew the wire and can cause metal poisoning. For the safety of your bird, you can opt for strong welded mesh or heavy gauge wire such as the one available in SteelChief Aviaries. While positioning, make sure that one of the perches is at your shoulder’s height as birds like to sit at height, giving them a sense of security.

Be a responsible pet owner and make proper arrangements for the installation of a bird aviary. This way, you will be able to keep your bird happy and healthy within a safe and enclosed environment.



The bird aviary should be secure and sheltered with lots of ventilation, sunlight, and ample protection from the harsh elements.
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  1. I’ve never thought about having birds, but I bet it would be nice to have them in the garden if you’ve got the space x

  2. I love the idea of having an aviary in the garden. it would be wonderful to sit outside on a warm summer evening watching and listening to the birds.

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