D gave me his Mum’s silver Pandora bracelet about 5 years ago, it had some charms already on it and he has bought me charms for birthdays, Christmas and when we go on holidays since then. A couple of years ago, he also bought me a purple double leather bracelet.


My charm story pandora charms bracelet

I love every charm, the teacup, the handbag and hedgehog are really special as they were D’s Mums. My absolute favourite one is the silver charm with a gold D on it. I also love the handprint and footprint one as that is unique to me as it is taken from Lucas’s prints. I also received a new charm the other day that is made from my breastmilk and a lock of Lucas’ hair. I am going to be reviewing that and also running a giveaway soon x


My charm story pandora charm beads

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  1. Wow you have so many charms! I have about five on mine, but they all mean something and I only wear it when I’m anxious about something as it makes me feel better! (That probably sounds ridiculous)

  2. I’ve never really looked into anything by Pandora… But I might have to, to see if there’s anything my wife would like!

  3. Oh wow I never knew you could get charms made with baby prints and breastmilk! I don’t have a Pandora bracelet, I have an old fashioned charm bracelet. I’d love to have charms with my little one’s hand print on. That must be so special.

  4. Lovely set of charms! Great keepsakes and memories that can be carried around all the time 🙂

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