On Wednesday we got married at the local Mairie. We didn’t know whether it would be postponed due to lockdown but fortunately as we only had 4 witnesses it could go ahead. We obviously couldn’t go anywhere afterwards so we have postponed our wedding meal with them until after the new year.

We still had a lovely day though, we celebrated together, we did some crafts, watched Christmas Chronicles 2 and played games. Lucas chose our wedding meal so we had Tacos and nachos with champagne followed by chocolate truffles

Close up of Lucas and I

I’m holding the camera down so you can see the bottom of my dress and pink converse


Close up of Dan and I


Dan and Lucas by the lake


Lucas and I by the lake


I’m holding my dress up to show my garter

Dan and I kissing by the lake

D and I standing together at the end of the decking by a lake. I’m wearing a white and pink dress and Dan is wearing a navy suit


Lucas is stood on decking with a lake behind him. He’s wearing a pink shirt and navy trousers. He holding a glass and smiling


I’m standing by a lake in a white dress with pink flowers on it. I’m laughing and holding a glass of champagne

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