At midnight on Saturday, France went into another nationwide lockdown for 4 weeks. There have been various restrictions in place for different parts of the country over the last year but now we are all in the same position. Lucas is being homeschooled this week and from Friday he is on 2 weeks of school holidays then hopefully his age group will return the school.

There was an Easter egg hunt planned in a local village for Sunday but due to the lockdown, this was cancelled so I made him his own egg hunt in our garden which he enjoyed.


Lucas sat with hay bales and statues of flowers, chickens and bunnies behind him



2 Comments on Second Easter in lockdown

  1. What a lovely photo! I hope the lockdown in France isn’t too bad and the case numbers start to fall. Our lockdown is pretty much over on Monday. There were still be some things we can’t do, but with shops, gyms and hairdressers open, it’s going to feel like life is pretty much back to normal. (Although the only thing I’m going to do is go to Waterstones for some books!)

  2. Such a bright, beautiful and colourful picture. I bet he really enjoyed your easter egg hunt in the garden. Lockdown is so hard isn’t it? Let’s hope in time we can move on from all this… Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up to #MySundaySnapshot.

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