The ordinary moments, Lucas wearing a blue and white checked shirt with a grey hood. He is passing a piece of wood to my Grandad but you can only see his arm taking it off him. In front of them is a wicker basket of wood and fireplace


Lucas sat on my Grandmas knee while she reads him a book


We visit my Grandma and Grandad at least once a week. Lucas loves going there, he loves visiting people and has a different routine for every house.

When we visit here, he goes to the cupboard to get his cup out before telling my Grandma or Grandad that it has ‘all gone’ so they will fill it up for him. After this he will bounce around my Grandad and point to the biscuit cupboard saying ‘pees’.

He will set his biscuit and cup out on the TV stand and empty his box of blocks out and builds towers with them. If my Grandad goes outside to fill his bag of wood up, when he returns Lucas will insist on passing the wood from the basket to my Grandad to put in the fire. If Lucas gets over excited, my Grandma gets the Lucy Lamb book and settles Lucas down whilst reading to him.



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  1. You don’t how much I enjoyed reading this. Little Lucas is so energetic! I just pictured all the scenes you wrote and I miss having small kids at home.

  2. Ours spends a day a week with her randoarents and a day a month with her great grandparents, always heading straight to the sweet jar, lovely tradition x #TheOrdinaryMoments

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