Lucas at giraffe restaurant in Manchester airport with pancakes and Nutella and banana


Last Sunday D made the drive from home with a car full of belongings down to Portsmouth to catch the ferry to Caen, France. Lucas and I flew on Monday from Manchester to Bordeaux. We had an amazing breakfast before setting off at Giraffe in the airport. I love the food there, definitely the best part of Manchester airport.

Lucas and I on the airplane smacking at the camera
Once we got to Bordeaux airport we caught a bus to Bordeaux train station and got the train from there nearer to where are a renting.
Lucas sat on the floor of the bus on suitcases
We’ve been into the Mairie this week which is the village town hall. Each village has one and its where everything is organised, you go there for permission to set up businesses, planning permission on houses etc. We went in to ask about Lucas starting school and she arranged a meeting with the school the next day and he is starting school tomorrow!
Lucas playing bingo on the train
D and I are both nervous about how it will go as everyone will be talking French so I’m sure it will be overwhelming for the little man but so far, Lucas is showing only excitement so fingers crossed he settles in x

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  1. How very exciting for you all, I hope it goes well, moving to another country can be overwhelming but it looks like Lucas is doing just fine. For some reason I have a craving for pancakes now!

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