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We’ve had a fairly chilled out week this week, we have done the usual visits to the farm and Grandma J but not much else.

We went swimming on Monday, lots of under water work that you did well at. You definitely don’t take after your Daddy and I in the pool.

We went to Southport on Thursday with Grandma J to pick up your photo, it’s beautiful, you are lying on your front with your bare bum and chunky legs showing. Your cheeky little face looking up at the camera.
After that we called at the garden centre to see your Grandad and had lunch there. I bought a new plant pot to repot your Grandma Murfs peace lily.

Katie took some photos of you yesterday posing in a basket, you looked so comfy wrapped in a fluffy blanket!

You have been finding your voice this week, lots of blowing bubbles and shouting.

This is what you are doing now;



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