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It was bank holiday weekend last week so your Daddy was off with us for 3 days 😃. We had a nice chilled out weekend, we went for some walks and had lunch at the Farmers Arms. I had a roast beef dinner and you shared the mash potato with me. I also had chocolate fudge cake that was amazing, your Daddy wanted to let you try some of the melted chocolate but I wouldn’t let you. I’m trying to keep you on natural healthy dishes for as long as possible as I’m sure you will soon be saying no to things and wanting crisps, chocolate and Maccy Ds!
We also bought you a ball pool, you weren’t sure about it to start with but have loved it the past couple of days x

On Tuesday we nipped to get some food shopping for you then we spent the day cooking different Annabel Karmel dishes for you and froze them x

We went to a baby group on Wednesday morning, the highlight of that for you was when the toast came out, you didn’t show much interest in the toys x

We went to clinic on Thursday, you are 17lb 5oz. You are following the line in your book, the health visitor made a mistake the last time we went x

We have also visited the farm and Grandma J during the week and done a bit of gardening x

We went to Heskin Hall this morning, you saw Peppa Pig and George but you weren’t that bothered about them, you’ve been a bit grumpy today actually x

You are still very proud of yourself with rolling over but getting frustrated with not knowing what to do next x

New foods this week have been salmon, grapes, ginger biscuit, organix vanilla biscuits, starwberry rice cakes and sweetcorn rings x

This is what you’re doing now;


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