I have been rubbish once again at keeping these posts up so hopefully I will remember to do it each night from now on x

Saturday Lucas and I took my Grandma to a local garden centre, the type that has a zillion different shops in it. My Grandma wanted to go for new pillows, we returned with pillows, slippers and 2 pairs of shoes so it was a successful shopping trip for her and she treated us to breakfast in the cafe.

Sunday I got chance to read some of my book, I recently started The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, I am really enjoying reading again, getting lost in a book rather than watching TV.

Monday Someone came round to my parents to pick up a load of logs for their garden centre. Dad picked Lucas up and went out with him. When my Mum and I went to have a look, Lucas was standing on top of the lady’s truck watching them pass the bags of logs and waving his finger whilst he chatted away to them. He was so happy to be involved in it (photo below).

Tuesday I recieved my stunning new Joules bag, it’s a stunning silver colour and big enough to fit everything we could possibly need for a day out.

Wednesday We went to the park as we had some sunshine. It was lovely watching Lucas run and splash in puddles, although he did get a bit bothered that his wellies were muddy haha. He also went on the swing which he doesn’t normally do but there was another girl on the other so I think that persuaded him to try it. 

Thursday We had an early morning visit to my parents. We turned up at 6.20 then my brother walked in at 6.30, it made me smile that my parents have 2 children that have moved out but don’t bat an eyelid at us turning up unannounced and I love how Lucas is growing up thinking this is normal. That he always has somewhere to go no matter what time.

Friday Lucas started being very clingy this afternoon and had a temperature. I’m not happy that he isn’t well but it is nice having snuggles.


Lucas smiling standing on the back of a pickup truck

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  1. Aww, bless Lucas, he looks so happy! I love seeing when my older boy is excited to help out as well. So precious, isn’t it? xx #HappyDaysLinky

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