There’s a nostalgic infatuation with road trips that more mundane travel options often can’t compete with. Arguably there’s never been a better time to plan a UK road trip, hit the road and explore as the hours behind the wheel have been made so much easier with endless new car gadgets for your comfort, safety and convenience to pick from.

Maximise the space you have

For longer road trips where you’ll be taking a lot of luggage with you, it’s well worth investing in a roof rack and storage box to help create some more space in the car for those nights where you end up unexpectedly staying in it. You can grab roof racks and storage boxes to fit almost any model of car these days. They’ll come in especially handy if you end up snowboarding or skiing and need somewhere to store your gear. There is so much information on bike racks and roof racks on

Sleep comfortably… even in your car

You’re probably not planning on spending many nights in your car, but sometimes it just happens. Fortunately, you no longer have to suffer through neck ache for days after because of it. There’s loads of inflatable air beds to fit in the backseat of your car so you can crash in comfort. Alternatively, if you’re actively planning on heading where hotels are few and far between, car roof tents are all the rage and come in all shapes and sizes to fit pretty much any car – though they’ll set you back a pretty penny!

Stay clean

It can get pretty gross living out of a car to say the least, but packing some biodegradable wet wipes can go a long way to making you feel human again. For those planning on being on the road longer term – solar showers are a great way to be able to get a wash on the move.

Caffeine addicts

Caffeine lovers rejoice – you can get a huge array of facilities for the road that’ll plug straight into the charging socket in your car including coffee makers and kettles for when you desperately need a proper English brew on your journey.

Emergency ready

Be prepared for the worst even if it probably won’t happen. Make sure you’ve got a first aid kit handy. If you’re heading somewhere there’s likely to be extreme weather, make sure you’ve got all the winter equipment you might need like a shovel, scraper and blankets as well as plenty of water on board.

Dine in

Living on fast food is a fundamental (…and sinfully delicious!) part of road trips. Dine in style in your car with a swivel tray that attaches to your dashboard to make meals a little less cramped. Stay on top of the mess with a bin in your car to stop your foot wells from filling up with too many wrappers.

Never lose keys again

Most of us have lost or misplaced our car keys at some point, though fortunately most of us aren’t on a road trip when we do it. Never lose your keys or other important items again with Tile. It’s a little tracking widget you attach to your important things and “call” using an app on your phone.

Prepare for going offline

Your phone won’t always have signal and chances are it won’thave signal the second you actually need it! Prepare by downloading offline routes from Google Maps or with an app like Maps Me so at least you’re not entirely lost. It’s also never a bad idea to have an actual paper road map… even if it feels archaic.

Old school essentials

All the technology and fancy gadgets in the world can’t compete with some of the classics. A box of tissues will never go amiss, duct tape is always handy, air freshener will stop your car stinking too much and a folding blanket will allow you to enjoy those roadside breaks a little more.
Enjoy your holiday, and the journey getting there! If you’re planning to sleep under the stars on your road trip – keep warm with the best tips for camping in the cold.



Must Have Road Trip Accessories


13 Comments on Must Have Road Trip Accessories

  1. I love road trip and I always prepare before longer ones. It’s essential to keep the car clean, especially on longer drives, and I know how tempting it is to just put the food wrappers at your feet instead of a designated bag.

  2. Road trips are my thing! You’re so right about having a roof rack because it saves space in the back of the car. Awesome tips!

  3. These are a great and a definite road trip tips, will be saving this as my guide for our next road trip. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We take the Mini van when we travel – just for the extra room! all our luggage fits in the back and the kids have plenty of room to stretch and relax. Our car even has a regular outlet in the back so I can plug my laptop in.

  5. Excellent tips. We road trip to Southern California from Arizona often and it’s always a tough target to hit as our girls are getting older with changing interests.

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