Yesterday, my cousin and I took* Lucas to the Indoor Funfair in Liverpool. The Indoor Funfair started last year in Yorkshire and returned there in the February and, this week is Liverpool’s turn! Held at the Exhibition Centre on the Docks near Mattel Play, the funfair is on until 22nd April.


The indoor funfair, Liverpool review, an inflatable minion play area


You book into a 3 hour session between 10-1, 2-5 or 6-9pm. Set across almost 60,000 sq ft, the event is the biggest of its kind to visit the city and is filled with fairground favourites for all ages… like dodgems, waltzers, fun house, ghost train and more. There is also a 200ft long inflatable obstacle course named ‘Energiser’, two mini-coasters, a huge inflatable slide and a 3D Experience Zone, along with rides specifically for younger children.


The indoor funfair, Liverpool review. My cousin and Lucas on the ghost train


What I really liked about it was that you buy a wristband and that covers all the rides in the fair. No hidden charges. What is really impressive is that it only costs £10 per person that is going on rides. If you are taking someone who doesn’t want to go on rides, they can pay a spectator fee of £2 and under 3s are free! The amount of rides Lucas went on, we would have spent three times that amount if we had to pay for rides individually at a funfair.


The indoor funfair, Liverpool review.


Lucas absolutely loved it and we had such a fun morning. We went during the 10-1 session and made the most of the three hours. There weren’t any queues longer than a couple of minutes wait and there was plenty that Lucas could go on his own as well as some with us. There were a few rides that he was too small to go on but it wasn’t noticeable and didn’t impact the day at all.



I can highly recommend a visit if you are near and make sure you visit the donut stand, they were amazing, freshly cooked in front of us and sprinkled with sugar or Nutella (these aren’t included in the price- food and drinks are extra). Remember it’s only on until the 22nd April x


The indoor funfair, Liverpool review #Liverpool #funfair



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  1. That’s brilliant value, my two love going on fairground rides but at £2 per ride it can get so expensive. I love that this is all under cover so you don’t have to worry about the weather either.

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