With the Easter Bank Holiday sadly over it’s time to head back to work, although most of our children are enjoying a two-week break from school. For some people it’s during the school holidays that we head off on a family break in the UK or for some of us, we prefer the warmer climates abroad. For any parents reading this post, we all know how hard it can be when choosing a holiday which is suitable for the younger members of the family. If you’re jetting off abroad then ideally you don’t want a long flight, the weather to be too hot and plenty of entertainment and activities is a must.

Although many of us opt for a sunny holiday on the coast of one of the many European destinations on offer, there are some great family breaks here in the UK. On a number of occasions a holiday is usually spent in one place, but in order to keep the little ones entertained and for the whole family to be able to explore the beautiful destinations on our doorstep, why not consider planning a family-friendly road trip?

A road trip may sound like too much hard work and a lot of stress but if you plan it correctly, you’re guaranteed a memorable holiday and can listen to some great songs for a road trip.

Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy

Before you even start to consider where you’re going to go, you need to make sure your car is in full working order and will get you to and from each destination. It’s important to book your car in for a service and MOT if it’s due them, as well as paying close attention to the vehicle’s tyres. Depending on where you’re going and how long it will take means that the tyres are going to take the brunt of it. With potential uneven surfaces and diverse weather conditions, it’s best to check your tyres and replace them if you feel they look worn or damaged. If you’re unsure of what tyres are best suited to your vehicle or what brand to use, then companies like TyrePlus can help you find the perfect set.

Plan your journey

For some families, a spontaneous road trip may sound like a great idea but for many of us, we like to have a thorough plan in place. Whether you’re visiting the beautiful English countryside or the Scottish highlands, there are many road trips to pick from and it’s important to research the area before you set off. Is the area family-friendly? Are there ideal places to stay and is the route fairly straight forward? There are many factors that need to be considered.

Keep the children entertained

If you’re venturing on a road trip then it’s inevitable that you’ll spend a lot of time in the car. It’s no secret that children can become bored and restless very easily, so it’s good to prepare ahead in order to prevent this. Think about children’s car games, create your own activity packs with magazines, crayons and books or even take a portable DVD player with you. Making sure the kids have entertained means less stress for you and they won’t see being in the car as a chore.

The UK is home to some amazing family-friendly road trips, you just need to find them. With the proper research and a thorough plan in place, you can create a holiday which the whole family will love, as well as allowing you to explore some of the countries beautiful scenery.


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13 Comments on Planning a family friendly UK road trip

  1. Good tips , I know about the bad Weather this Easter it has not been good we did not go out much but when its get better dam love a good road trip.

  2. I love trekking around the UK, it’s lovely to stay in one place but having a variety of places to go is always better as it allows you to fill in those extra pages in your diary and also fill up your camera space with more ‘interesting’ photos!
    Rachy x

  3. I love road trips but so far I have only been a passenger. I just got my license a month ago and I am looking forward to buying my first car and do lots of road trips with it.

  4. Such great tips, I’d love to go on a UK road trip. This is also so useful for those who have kids and need to keep them entertained after being stuck in a car for so long

  5. I’ve actually just got back from Iceland, where I took a road trip up to the West Fjords area in the north. There were no kiddies in tow, just me and my friend – but a lot of this advice still applies 🙂 x

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